3 Countries to Consider for New Year’s Travel

It’s that time of the year again, when you feel the air getting brisk and you spend most of the work day daydreaming about your summer fun. Vacations seem to take too long to arrive and yet they seem to pass by in a flash. Therefore, we have a few suggestions for you. We suggest you look into New Year’s Travel and book an awesome holiday to start 2019 in a new and exciting location, being active in nature. Now, where you go depends on what your interests are, but we have three recommendations that we think are worth looking into. Read on to see what three countries we think you should consider for your New Year’s and or Christmas Travel plans.

Enjoy Cold New Year’s Travel



Visit Iceland


Yes, it’s true, most people look for warm destinations during their winter holiday but hear us out. Iceland is not only beautiful, it is home to some of the coolest glaciers (excuse the pun) and is a booming tourism hot-spot. There are three main reasons for you to travel to Iceland during your New Year’s break, beside enjoying the bonfire surrounded by snow, the bright and colourful Christmas lights and the possibility to meet a troll…


  1. Northern Lights

Although Icelandic winters are known for being extra cold, they are also famous for being extraordinarily breathtaking. During the winter season,

November to February, Iceland is dark, and the air is crisp. This makes for the perfect setting to witness one of the greatest natural phenomenon known to man, the Aurora Borealis, aka the Northern Lights. If you’re looking to cross something off your bucket list, we suggest you consider booking a ticket to this wonderful gem of a country.


  1. Ice Caves

More cold equals more ice. The winter months provide the perfect excuse for exciting adventures like glacier hiking, ice caving, and snowshoeing. Ice caves provide impressive and unique natural attractions in Iceland, there are even festivals dedicated to ice and ice caves. Every winter, for example, people gather to gawk at the ice caves formed in Vatnajökull glacier, Europe’s largest glacier!

  1. Hot springs

Finally, what’s New Year’s travel to the Arctic Circle without taking a dip in natural hot springs? There’s more to Iceland’s winter than just ice and snow…there’s warmth! These hot springs might be available year-round, but they are especially delightful in the wintertime. Take a trip to Iceland’s Golden Circle and see what all the commotion is about!


Or, Partake in Warm New Year’s Travel


Full Day Rafting experience in El Chalten Argentina


Fly to Argentina

Argentina has been a renowned adventure and get-away destination for years now. This South American country is full of flavour and allure which is why its mention on this list is unsurprising. While those of us in Europe and or North America are beginning to feel the burden of the cold those in South America are feeling the exact opposite. As we welcome winter, they welcome summer…perfect! Argentina’s summer is particularly exciting because it’s not only a busy time for the country, but it is also when you get to enjoy warm, clear weather in Patagonia. Not to mention, Argentina offers many festivals full of dance, drinks, and food!

The summer also comes post rainy season which means that the volume of water found at Iguazu Falls is exhilarating and dramatic.

The height of summer in Argentina occurs between January and February. These months are popular months to visit Patagonia, especially the El Calafate region and why not considering kayaking in front of the iconic Perito Moreno Glacier for a New Year start? Or perhaps getting the thrill of whitewater rafting in front of the spectacular Fitzroy Mountain in El Chaltén.

If you’re looking to enjoy New Year’s Travel in Argentina, please visit our Argentina Destinations Section!


Travel to Chile

Chile is also located in South America, and like Argentina, which means

 that it is also Summer there when it is Winter in Europe and North America. Similarly, to Argentina, you can expect the months of January and February bustling and happening. The country lights with festivities during it’s summer months and for those of you travelling to Chile for New Year’s remember, to dance and soak up as much of the culture as possible. Apart from being a great time to soak up some sun and learn new dance moves, December to February is also the best time to visit Torres del Paine, The Lake District, and Easter Island!

Whether you are into hiking, kayaking, wildlife, glacier hike, Torres del Paine can treat you to a fun and adventurous start of the year! And As per Chile tradition, do not forget to eat your 12 grapes at midnight and wear yellow clothes for good luck in the next year!

Valparaiso is also on our list of must-visits. Not only is Valparaiso one of the most successful cities in Chile, it also has a spectacular historical area that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.

Interested in getting to know more about Chile and what to do during your next New Year’s vacation? Visit our Destinations page and read about more wonderful outdoor locations and adventures!