Top 3 Reasons to Visit Croatia

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Here we have Top 3 Reasons to Visit Croatia

Croatia is situated on the Adriatic Sea and is hailed as one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. This gem of a country is a destination of choice for many Europeans. Many travellers from other continents are also starting to catch on. Croatia has a lot to offer. Not only does it house some of the best soccer players in the word (as proven by the 2018 FIFA World Cup), it also has a unique location, deep cultural roots, and an incredible history. Today you will find out why this Mediterranean wonderland must be on your travel list. Read on to discover the top three reasons to visit Croatia, now!


Croatia is interesting in many ways, one of which is its geographical location. Not only is Croatia shaped irregularly, it is also touching many different countries plus it’s right across from Italy. Croatia’s coastline and proximity to the Adriatic Sea as well as its central location within the European continent makes it a critical and prosperous region. Many people have walked through and ruled over Croatian land. Diverse regions and foreign influences over the last centuries have left their mark on Croatian cuisine.

Map of Croatia-Xpertix


Like most countries, food varies depending on the region. In Croatia mainland cuisine shares similarities between early Slavic flavours as well as its Hungarian and Turkish neighbours. These foods are characterised by the usage of lard, and spices such as black pepper, paprika, and garlic. The coastal region, on the other hand, shares similarities with Greek and Roman cuisine, as well as Mediterranean cuisine, particularly Italian, more specifically Venetian. Croatian costal cuisines use olive oil and lots of herbs and spices like rosemary, sage, bay leaf, oregano, marjoram, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, lemon and orange rind. Firstly, visit Croatia because…

  • Antony Bourdain endorses it

Croatian food is wonderful. Even the professionals agree. A few years back the late-great-famous chef, writer, and all-around awesome guy, Anthony Bourdain went and visited Croatia.

Bourdain’s journey aired back in April of 2012. During his episode of “Croatian Coast”, which formed part of his popular show entitled “No Reservations”, Bourdain spoke about the deliciousness of this cuisine. Bourdain is quoted as saying, “Croatia is the next great thing. If you have not been here, you are…an idiot! I, am an idiot!”. In short, don’t be an idiot, visit Croatia.

Croatian Cuisine 2


But wait, there’s more. A few of our favourite phrases also include, “this is world class food, this is world class wine, this is world class cheese, it’s f****** awesome”, “I’m going to tell you honestly…if you like food, and you haven’t come here to eat, you’re really missing s*** up.” We apologize for the profanity, Bourdain was a man of few words.

Lastly, the quote about Croatian wine. There is a scene in the episode where the chef takes a sip of some red, looks at his hosts, and says “that’s God talking”. Lovely, isn’t it?


Croatia is listed as one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of biodiversity! Interested in geography? Visit Croatia! has four biogeographical regions. These regions include Mediterranean along the coast, Alpine up in its peaks, Pannonian along Drava and Danube, and continental.

Mountains, beaches, swamps, karst…you name it, Croatia has got it. Visit Croatia if you’re interested in witnessing true natural beauty. Travel between the shores of the South Dalmatian Islands and or bathe in the Sun’s rays around the Adriatic Sea or go up to the top of Dinara, the highest peak in the country.

Venture through swamps filled with wildlife in Posavina. Discover the Mediterranean forests in Mljet or keep an eye out for the magnificent fish and bats found hidden within Croatia’s karsts. Secondly, Croatia is a….

  • Natural Paradise

Nature-lovers are invited to dive into one of Europe’s best kept ecological secrets in a country that is dedicated to protecting its ecosphere.

Did you know that Croatia has eight National Parks and eleven Nature Parks? Within these parks, there are the Plitvice Lakes, part of UNESCO, and well-known for their stunning swim holes, magnificent waterfalls, and limestone wonderlands.

Not to mention, according to the European Environment Agency, Croatia’s sea is considered one of the purest in Europe. In their Croatia 2017 bathing water report, they state that “96.9% of all existing coastal bathing waters met at least sufficient water quality standards” with a high percentage at excellent water quality levels.


Croatia is a green paradise with a lot to offer. It is a country with a privileged climate, stunning sunset, and unique fauna. Animal lovers should look into travelling to Croatia, especially if they’re interested in getting privileged views into the fascinating world of the griffon vulture, wild horse, brown bear and bottlenose dolphin.

Lastly, Croatia has a myriad of endemic flora, more than 3,000 different species of greenery can be found anywhere between the Velebit Mountain and the Kvarner Islands. Croatia’s higher altitude plants include over 5,500 species, of which 234 are on the verge of extinction…make sure to visit Croatia before they’re gone!


Croatia is known for its magnificent coast and breathtaking water. Believes us, when visiting this country, you will find that there is no shortage of beaches.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy some fun in the sea or in inland waters, Croatia is the place to go. This might be contradictory, but Croatia’s water manages to be both crystal clear and turquoise blue. The country has thousands of islands and islets, most of which are easily accessible, providing you with the opportunity to island hop as much as your heart desires.

Croatia is home to many lakes, waterfalls, canyons, cliffs, and karst, all of which provide epic opportunities to play in and around the water. Water buffs be forewarned, Croatia is a water sports paradise that you might never want to leave. You can go swimming, paddle boarding, and or kayaking along the magnificent Croatian coast, or canyoning and cliff jumping among the cave-like cervices of the nation’s karsts. Thirdly, Croatia has….

  • Inspiring Landscapes.

These epic limestone areas provide inspiration and give you, the traveller, a beautiful perspective into the hidden regions of Earth. Take pictures of cascading water and jump into swim holes surrounded by brilliant limestone.

Visit the many lakes the country houses and take the time to discover the different colours found within Plitvice Lakes National Park. Put on a snorkel mask and swim around tufa barriers and discover underground habitats!

Go sailing around the Adriatic Sea or scuba diving. Chances are you’ll run into some friendly sea animals along your adventures!

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