It’s time to prepare for your next Wildthentic adventure with these 5 Argentina travel tips.

Filled with outstanding natural wonders, proud citizens, and incredibly diverse terrains, Argentina has (rightfully so) becomes one of South America’s most visited countries. Therefore, we felt as if we needed to honor our fellow travel fiends and offer them a quick and concise list of 5 Argentina travel tips. Here we go!

5 Argentina Travel Tips:

Pay attention to Money

We’re going to nip this one in the butt and start off with money. It is no secret that Argentina has a lot of corruption within its monetary system. But, you shouldn’t let this discourage you. If anything, use this opportunity to practice vigilance.

Examine the bills you are receiving as well as spending. Make sure to never take your eyes off your bills; there have been documented cases of store clerks swapping bills, keeping your lawful bill for a counterfeit. Argentines are tourist friendly and tend to be open, fun, and talkative we suggest you take full advantage of these traits and talk it up with some locals as long as you remain alert. Do not let friendliness keep you from checking the money you are being handed. Quick tips that will help you detect fake money.  Try not to carry large bills or show them in public.

It is also important to localize a few ATMs. Keep in mind that they have a withdrawal limit and sometimes run out of bills. Also, remember to carry coins! We know this might be an inconvenience (no one likes heavy jingly pockets) but finding change might be difficult at times and coins are needed to ride the bus!

Eat and drink

We apologize in advance for breaking the news to vegetarians and especially to vegans but Argentina is a meat-lover’s paradise. It is a difficult to avoid getting meat or cheese on your dish. Beef is one of Argentina’s staple items. Therefore we suggest you dig right in and begin your savory food experience. Continue the visual and flavorful Argentinean adventure and throw yourself into the culture! Also keep in mind that charging a ‘cubierto’ fee is commonplace. This sit-down fee is relativity inexpensive, it won’t burn any holes in your pocket.

Drinking water is questionable depending where you are. We suggest you stick to bottled water. Do not order ice or ask for refills. Or you can stick to wine!

Travel to Patagonia

Argentina is magnificent in that it has plenty of city parks and nature reserves. Walking and hiking are free ways to get some exercise in while enjoying beautiful sights and sounds. But, we’re going to go out on a limb here and say that there are very few bucket-lists that do not include a visit to stunning Patagonia. Nowhere else in the world can you find the jagged coastlines, dead-end roads, impenetrable forest, ice fields, and uninhabited islands this area has to offer. Patagonia is the place to go whether you’re interested in camping in lush forest, backpacking through icy paths, or having a luxurious retreat in one of the most breathtaking places in the world.

There is something to offer travelers of all types. According to Travel + Leisure, if you’re looking for “a 20th-century-old sheep ranch only accessible by boat across Lake Argentino. Set on 54,000 acres of wild Patagonian landscape,” Estancia Cristina is the place for you. “The preserved estancia offers a menu of excursions that combine trekking, 4×4, and sailing among icebergs near the Upsala Glacier. Fishermen, meanwhile, can ride horseback to glacial lakes near the hotel to catch Chinook salmon and rainbow trout.”

Embrace the cheek (kiss)

Unless you’re having a formal or professional interaction, chances are you will get a cheek kiss. Dear germophobes, don’t worry there isn’t swapping of spit involved. The cheek kiss is when two cheeks touch; your cheek will not come into contact with lips. This action serves as a greeting as well as a farewell. So, don’t freak out if a stranger leans in to kiss you, it’s normal, go with it. Waiving is rude, so be sure to cheek kiss everyone before leaving a social gathering. Also, don’t be afraid to ask locals about their very own Argentina travel tips!

Stay safe and enjoy

Please make sure to stay away from demonstrations and always try to know your bearings. Stay alert, especially when withdrawing money from ATMs. Wonder with care, many tourist-friendly neighborhoods are directly adjacent to not-so-friendly areas. Stay clear of empty streets and always keep your belongings near you. Do not fall for distractions, if someone ‘accidentally spills’ anything on you, hold on to your belongings and simply say “está bien” or “no pasa nada”.

These tips are meant to give you the upper hand while traveling. Please do not let them ruin your experience or cause you to feel any type or paranoia. We simply ask that you remain aware. Here are more tips in case you’re interested in how to stay safe while traveling Argentina.

Let us know if this article has helped you or if you have any Argentina travel tips. We also published an article on the Top 5 Outdoor Activities in Argentina, check it out! Until next time Wild Ones.


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