5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Argentina

As you know, we love everything about Argentina. We’ve written about this magnificent country multiple times. Because the world of travel is huge and exciting there are always new facts and tips to discover. We have complied a list of the top 5 things you should know in order to prepare for visiting Argentina.

Size is something to consider when you prepare for visiting Argentina

Yes, of course you know Argentina is big. Argentina’s size is no secret. But, overzealous travelers tend to want to pack a lot into their trip. We get it…you’re excited! We get excited too! We’re just saying that one can easily spend months discovering Buenos Aires or Patagonia. Keep distances and activities in mind in order to remain realistic. Plan the kind of trip you want to have before hand in order to help with time management. Would you like to have a wine and food adventure? Make it a cultural trip? Or spend your vacation time hiking and discovering the array of flora and fauna Argentina has to offer?

Also, the kind of Spanish they speak there

It is no secret that Spain colonized modern day South America. What may surprise you is that although Spanish is spoken in Argentina and Spain was once the “ruler” of said country most of Argentina’s population is of Italian descent. According to this New York Times article, Argentines are “often described as Italians who speak Spanish, and they do even that with an Italian accent. Italian immigrants flocked to Argentina as they flocked to the United States and long ago overtook the Spanish to become the largest ethnic group here.” So, now you know to expect hand gestures and hospitality while traveling to Argentina.

Prepare for the meat sweats

Argentinean beef has its own Wikipedia Page. That’s how popular meat is there! The best way to prepare for visiting Argentina in this case is to not only drop a few pounds but also to mentality prepare for the staggering amount of mouth-watering meat options you’ll inevitably run into. One option we’ve already recommended is the Asado. Unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan we strongly suggest you try some, it is after all one of Argentina’s staple foods.


And wine hangovers

This one is self-explanatory. What can we say? Not only do the Argentineans have great wine, they also like to drink it. Can you blame them?

Don’t forget to show up “late”

Just keep one thing in mind; Argentines really like to take their time. This leisurely mindset translates to almost every daily activity. Work starts at about 10 am. Sorry Londoners or New Yorkers but one of the ways to prepare for visiting Argentina is to sleep in! You will not find anything open before 9 am!

Late dinners are a thing. Dinner in Argentina usually starts at about 9 or 10 pm. Make sure to have a few snacks handy in order to not faint before dinnertime. Keep in mind that most restaurants open at around 7pm but not only will they be empty but the few people in there will most likely be tourist. Don’t forget that drinks after dinner is customary. So, take your time and enjoy South America’s little slice of Europe. Argentina is filled with hot spots perfect for luxurious yet affordable dinners as well as exciting nightlife. Most locals hit the bar at about 12 or 1am! We hope this article has not only sparked your curiosity but also inspired you to hop on a plane and embark on an Argentine adventure. Until next week!