The Top 5 Tips for a Beginner Traveller According to Wildthentic

We all have to start somewhere. No one is born being a travel expert. Learning the Art of travel takes time, money, and energy. For those of you who are well travelled keep scrolling, this article isn’t for you. This article is for the travel beginners who are looking for ways to begin their adventures. Read on to find the top 5 tips for a beginner traveller according to Wildthentic.

Figure out your phone situation

First thing is first; make sure your smartphone is unlocked. This will allow you to get a local sim card for a lot cheaper than what roaming or most international plans will cost you. Don’t fall for the overpriced travel data plans. Do your research. Talk to someone who has been to the country you plan on traveling to and make sure you have a reliable plan. Remember, local SIM will make your life a lot easier and not force you to break the bank.

Pack right and pack light

This might be the most difficult and necessary detail of your trip. Packing light is somewhat difficult, especially if you’re a beginner traveller and don’t know what to expect. Trust us on this one…you will need less than you think. Your maximum baggage weight should be around 30 pounds (14kg). If you’re not bringing electronics that weight should decrease at about 25 pounds (11.3kg).

Some important items to pack might include, a travel laptop, USB battery pack, earplugs, and some noise canceling headphones. Remember, you don’t need 5 t-shirts, just wash whatever clothing you have and reuse it. Plus, you can do laundry anywhere these days! Seriously, packing light increases the quality of your travels. Even Forbes writes it in their 2015 article entitled Why You Should Always Pack Light.

*Bonus tip: Make sure you get the right luggage, especially if you’re going to be moving around a lot! Travel backpacks are best. Avoid the regular kind of rolly bags, they’re heavy and cumbersome. Big suitcases are a major NO NO unless you’re going somewhere that requires a lot of bulky gear, like skiing for example.

Download the correct apps

Okay, let’s be clear, Google Translate and Google Maps are a must. Download the languages you will be using on Google Translate when you’re in an area with Wi-Fi. Once languages are downloaded you will be able to use the app with our without Wi-Fi connection, the same rule applies with whatever lactation you load onto Google Maps.

We also recommend downloading and using whatever apps keep you connected to family and friends. WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype Messenger, whatever the important people in your life use. This way you will be able to keep in touch and send pictures. This is also help if you ever feel lonely or homesick during your travels.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, make sure to take in your surroundings

It is very important to take the time to observe. Sit down and beging watching how people interact as well as how things work. This strategy allows you to tune into the culture and discover how to do mundane every day things that you normally wouldn’t know how to do on your own without looking like a total tourist (or beginner traveller).

Watching locals go out their day can teach you how to wait for public transportation and how to act while on it. You can pick up on cultural cues like when to make eye contact or how to conduct a simple transaction. Do people line up in an orderly fashion at a store? Are patrons supposed to sit at a restaurant and wait for the check or walk up to the counter? Do people tip? How do people hail a cab?

Always lock your phone

This one might seem like a no-brainer but we’re listing it anyway. Phones are replaceable but the information they carry with in them is not. Make sure to safeguard all-important information, this includes; pictures, bank logins, addresses etc.

There are plenty of simple rules that sound also be applied like, don’t leave your bag unattended. Don’t walk around with your cellphone/wallet hanging out of your back pocket. These are tips that everyone should follow not just a beginner traveller. The point is to have fun, relax, but remember to always stay on your toes. Lastly, we have another article entitled How to Avoid Unsafe Travel Situations, please make sure to read it if you’re interested in any more travel tips.