A Guide to Andorra: Europe’s Best Kept Secret

Andorra is undoubtedly one of our favorite places on the planet. Of course, we might be a little biased considering it’s where Wildthentic originates. Who can blame us? This incredible micro-state is sandwiched between two marvelous countries, Spain and France, and is tucked away in an incredible mountain range. Andorra is easily overlooked considering its small size but believe us, it’s a gem. This tiny European country is not only part of the marvelous Pyrenees mountains but it is also home to stunning lakes, historic museums, and lovely villages.

Andorra is located in Europe but is not part of the EU. This allows for Andorra to be a tax haven. Most locals around the area will tell you that until recently Andorra was their winter wonderland tax haven. Most people took the trip to Andorra in order to enjoy some TLC that includes nature and shopping! Now Andorra has made major developments in tourism and has come to embrace the tourism industry. No wonder people want to travel here, there are opportunities for outdoor activities all-year-round and it’s easy to get to through Barcelona and Toulouse. We are here to help you plan what to do upon arrival. So, sit back with a glass of duty-free wine and read on.

What to do in Andorra

Most people go to Andorra for the mountains! Therefore we suggest one of the first things you do is go for a walk, hike, and or ski! The Pyrenees are known for their lush greenery in the summertime and wonderful snowy slopes in the winter. The mountains landscape allows for rock climbing, biking, waterfall hunting, and just overall unforgettable experiences.

Another suggestion is visiting thermal baths. Andorra is home to the largest thermal bath complex in Europe, Caldea. What better way to enjoy warm soothing natural waters than to do it after a long day of skiing?

Where to eat

We’re fans of a great meal. We’re even bigger fans of a great local meal, one that celebrates cultural and tradition. At Andorra’s L’enoteca you’ll get to enjoy traditional Catalan cuisine while enjoying a trendy atmosphere. This restaurant not only specializes in great food but also great wine. Because of Andorra’s tax haven status, you’ll get to enjoy fine wines at an unusually lower price. Also, don’t forget to try the local Andorran wine!

What to see

The Canillo Cultural Circuit is without a doubt a must-see. Canillo is home to many historical and religious sites. Part of the fun is getting out of the car and walking around as if you were back in the 17th (and earlier) century. There’s even a church that dates as far back as the 11th century!

Where to stay

This is a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel made entirely of ice? The Igloo Hotel lives up to its name. This fantastic site with grant you entry into the whimsical and mystical world characterized by fairytales. In short, do yourself a favor and visit Andorra. We promise, it’ll be worth it.