Our emotions are not written into any program

(who we are)

Your emotions are unique, and your experiences as a traveller should also be so.
Because your adventurous spirit does not fit into a scheduled vacation.
Your curiosity to discover new things cannot be satisfied with packaged holidays.
And neither can your desire to feel different.

Why settle for less ?
At Wildthentic we think that, instead of adapting yourself to a trip, it is much better that the trip is adapted to you.
So we do the research for you and listen to your needs

We select some of the very best experiences on the planet to rediscover the natural world.
We are a reference in experience based tourism, thanks to an exceptional team of experts, to which conventional tourism falls short.

We are the difference between going on a tour or living an unforgettable journey, between looking at a cake or eating it, savoring every mouthful.
We are your agency for an extraordinary, wild and authentic nature-based adventure.

We are that dream that you have always
wanted to come true.


Your trip should have more than just beautiful lakes and mountains.

It is not about discovering a lake on a glacier: It is about discovering the same while you row among blocks of ice. It is not seeing a snowy landscape: It is making it yours on a motorcycle, or in a dog sled, or with snowshoes. It is not visiting an Inuit village: It is forming part of it, participating in the ancestral customs. It’s not taking a picture. It is immortalizing a unique and unforgettable moment.

Traveling with Wildthentic is not traveling: It is feeling the journey. It is being as passionate as when you were a child, living experiences that you will never forget. Unique and authentic experiences, with a taste of nature, culture and active tourism. Memorable experiences that, like a jewel, will seduce, fascinate and captivate your heart


Any similarity to a travel agency is purely a coincidence.

We identify unique places, 100% natural. We discover their uniqueness to make you feel unique. And we choose the activities that will excite you from beginning to end: the most curious, the most ephemeral, the most unique, the most fleeting. And all of them, unforgettable. Therefore, when you visit one of our destinations, even if you have been there before, you will  probably feel that you have not lived them before.

What makes us different?

If you are different, your experiences should also be different. This is our starting point. Rather than settle for being a trip organizer, we have an assessment team that selects the best and most authentic experiences in each destination. Only in this way is it possible to guarantee that you will live something truly unique and, in the hands of authentic professionals.

Our quality experience system includes more than 200 criteria. And all of them are revised regularly, while at the same time taking into account our clients opinion.
Don’t waste any more time looking for the most amazing activities, the most fantastic places. We have already looked for you.