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Dyer Island is the largest of a group of islands about eight kilometres offshore from the southwestern coast of South Africa.

The 20 hectares of water around the island, are a marine protected area managed by CapeNature for the sake of the resident penguins and the seabirds. Located on the heart of the Garden Route, south of Hermanus and off Gansbaai, makes it an ideal spot for self-drive travellers.
Dyer Island


Dyer island

South Africa's coast surrounds Dyer Island and is known for its spectacular sights as well as wild and pristine beaches. The area also features several caves of historical importance, including De Kelders Cave, where archaeological evidence was found of early modern man living here some 80 000 years ago, as well as the Khoisan about 2 000 years ago.

What makes this island particularly special are its inhabitants and neighbours.

Let us explain, Geyser Rock is a small island off the coast of Dyer Island. Geyer Rock is home to over 60,000 Cape fur seals. These seals happen to be the great white shark’s favourite meal. It is for this reason that the shallow channel between Dyer Island and Geyser Rocker holds the name ‘Shark Alley’. Shark Alley is what makes this area famous for cage diving! People from all over the world travel to Dyer Island just to get close to one of the world’s most feared apex predator, the great white shark. But, the island is home to other magnificent marine animals as well. Dyer Island’s marine Big Five includes sharks, seals, dolphins, penguins and whales.

Dyer Island is a flat and pebbly seabird haven along the Western Cape. The protected bird sanctuary and nature reserve is home to many penguins as well as other seabirds.

This is important to us. At Wildthentic we strive to provide travellers with the best and most authentic experience possible. Therefore, we do our research and partner with organizations that aid in protecting wildlife, marine life and their natural habitat. We ensure that Wildthentic’s travel is sustainable, safe, and kind to the animals, following our responsible travel and animal welfare policy. We make sure to put our travellers into a natural environment without disrupting its organic course.


  • Portuguese seafarers gave Dyer island its original name in the 15th century, Ilha da Fera, which translates to ‘Island of wild creatures’. Later, in the 18th century the island received its current name thanks to Samson Dyer, a Polynesian seaman. Dyer was the first human to be stationed on the island.
  • The scenery along the coast surrounding Dyer Island is rather spectacular with wild and pristine beaches and several caves of historical importance, including De Kelders Cave, where archaeological evidence was found of early modern man living here some 80,000 years ago, as well as the Khoisan about 2,000 years ago.
  • Dyer Island is the largest of a group of islands, which are very close to Danger Point peninsula, about 5 miles (8.0 km) offshore from the South African town of Gansbaai.
  • Dyer Island is a nature reserve and cannot be accessed by the general public!



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