Korčula Island






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Korčula Island is a Croatian paradise surrounded by the Adriatic Sea.

This small island is 279 km2 (108 sq mi) and lies just off the Dalmatian coast. The island is not connected to the mainland, therefore creating a world of its own. Korčula has a beautiful town, wonderful wine, pleasant people and weather, and is filled with breathtaking plants. If you’re into quaint lush towns surrounded by water that offer a wonderful array of outdoor activities, Korčula is the place for you.  

Korčula Island

Korčula Island is easy to love. It is a place with a rich and complex history, wonderful geographical location, epic caves perfect for exploration. It is also an island known for its beauty and delicious food and wine.


Korčula has a curious history, it is an island that has been under the control of many different leaders from many different nations, all of which helped shape the island’s landscape and culture. Everyone from Illyrians to the Greeks, to the Venetians, and later the Austrians held power over this small island. Napoleon and Russia struggled for authority over the island until the British came and left their mark as well. Korčula Island is a place where history lives on and through its people. The Croats living on Korčula pride themselves on their love of tradition and life.

The island life is full of celebrations, festivals, and dancing.  


This paradise is also home to the unique Grk wine. Grk has a distinctive taste and smell, somewhat dry with a mildly sour and bitter finish. Apart from its flavour and aroma, what makes this wine so special is that its vines only bloom female flowers, this means that for the flower to pollinate it requires a mate and or make counterpart. Late summer is a beautiful season in this region, it is where you will find white Grk grapes and their female flowers growing alongside the deep blue Plavac mali grapes their male flowers.


There are many sporting events with incredible scenery. Korčula hosts everything from triathlons to boat racing. Not to mention the island might be small, but it features peaks and trails perfect for hiking, running, and biking. You can work up a sweat during the day then go for a swim in the afternoon or continue to work up a sweat on the water. Korčula’s coast allows you to enjoy fabulous sports such as stand up paddling boarding, Kayaking, SUP yoga, windsurfing, and more!



  • Korčula prohibited slavery back in 1214, that’s 608 years before it was banned in Greece!
  • Sword dances are a thing on Korčula Island. There are three main dances, the Moreska, the Kumpanija, and the Mostra dance, all depict different scenarios and serve as a traditional way of storytelling.
  • Korčula celebrates Half New Year with a Summer Carnival!
  • Waterpolo is Korčula’s unofficial sport, it is where many of Croatia’s best players come from.
  • Many historians argue that Marco Polo might be Korčula and not Venice.
  • Korčula is home to a 500-year-old Cypress tree!
  • All but one of Korčula town’s streets have stairs.



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