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Valdes Peninsula and its neighbouring town, Puerto Madryn, offer access to some of the best sea life and wildlife the world has to offer!

The Valdes Peninsula will blow you away, this fauna Patagonian reservation is so special it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO back in 1999. Visit the Valdes Peninsula and you are likely to spot, sea wolves, elephant seals and a wonderful variety of birds. This protected area is home to an important breeding population of the endangered southern right whale as well as breeding populations of southern elephant seals and southern sea lions.  Puerto Madryn located in the Valdes Peninsula, is a site of global significance for the conservation of marine mammals.

Puerto Maldryn



Puerto Madryn is Valdes Peninsula’s gem. Valdes Peninsula is one of Argentina’s most astounding wildlife reserves. The Valdes Peninsula offers the opportunity to see some of nature’s largest marine animals in their natural environment.

We love this peninsula for many reasons, one of which is its fairly unique formation. This animal sanctuary has two natural inlets that provide shelter for animals of all kinds. This haven attracts incredible wildlife like southern right whales, killer whales, elephant seals and Magellanic penguins.

Not only is the Puerto Madryn area home to fascinating marine life, it is also home to interesting land animals like the indigenous rhea, and the guanaco. Puerto Madryn has been dubbed ‘the gateway to Valdes Peninsula’ by some sources, and rightfully so. We love this quaint city because although it is Patagonia's star destination for marine wildlife watching, it’s beachfront location also makes it a fantastic place to stay and enjoy a vacation. The area has a growing industry and has begun to draw a lot of tourist while managing to keep its small city charm. Puerto Madryn is a place where time slows down. The combination of bustling activities and unbothered locals makes for a unique experience. Argentina might be a South American giant but it still retains pieces of a smaller more grounded life and Valdes Peninsula’s Puerto Madryn demonstrates just that. 

We love the people of Puerto Madryn who pay tribute to their history by lining the shore with statues of immigrants and Tehuelche. The city’s University is also well known for its marine/biology department, and ecological centres that promote both conservation and education. There are few places that manages to connect you to the human spirit while remaining closely connected to nature and its wildlife. Puerto Madryn is where two different worlds coexist.


  • The city of Puerto Madryn is the gateway to Valdes Peninsula. There is only one village on the peninsula, Puerto Pirámides.
  • Valdes Peninsula was “discovered” by the Spanish at the end of the 18th century at the request of the Spanish King who wanted to populate Patagonia.
  • Puerto Madryn was colonized in 1865 by the Welsh.
  • Valdes Peninsula is UNESCO-listed since 1999 and recognized as one of the world’s prime whale migration hot-spots
  • The only town within the Peninsula is Puerto Pirámides, named this way since it is located in a bay surrounded by cliffs resembling pyramids.
  • What makes Valdes Peninsula such an epic feeding and breeding ground for animals is the combination of Brazilian hot currents with the cold currents from Malvinas.
  • Valdes Peninsula’s 400 km of the coastline, receives around two million sea birds. Interestingly enough, the bird colonies coexist with marine mammals.



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