Arenal, located in beautiful La Fortuna, is a famously majestic volcano in north-western Costa Rica.

The small agricultural town of La Fortuna is about 90 km northwest of San José, and is best known for its molten peak.   The Arenal volcano measures at least 1,633 metres (5,358 ft) and is surrounded by incredibly lush landscapes. Residents and visitors of La Fortuna are lucky enough to get constant views of the spectacular volcanic site.


We love the Arenal region aka La Fortuna for its beauty and history. La Fortuna went from being a sleepy town to one that embraces tourism from all over the globe. In 1968, the Arenal volcano erupted after almost 400 years of dormancy. This violent eruption caused a commotion and buried the small villages of Pueblo Nuevo, San Luís and Tabacón. This devastating natural disaster also brought fortune to the area, tourists from around the world began to set out in search of some personal time with the scene, fiery night skies, and the inevitable photo of creeping lava…what’s adventure without risk, right?
La Fortuna is a top destination for travellers in Costa Rica.
The impressive Arenal volcano continued to stay active for 42 years until it stopped back in 2010. Today travellers can visit the area and witness the effects of a not so distant history. Due to Arenal’s activity it has been studied by seismologists and rendered a must-see for anyone visiting the area.
The Arenal region also features the world-renowned hot springs of the Tabacón River.
These wonderful thermal waters are naturally heated by volcanic activity. You and fellow travellers can take your pick from a handful of hot springs to those of a 5 Star luxury resort. Can you think of a better way of unwinding after an adventurous day? Although La Fortuna’s main attraction is undeniably the Arenal Volcano, there is more to the region. The area features epic flora and fauna as well as a variety of outdoor adventure opportunities, not to mention the Arenal Volcano National Park. We suggest doing everything the area has to offer including hikes and treks, rafting and canyoning, bird watching, but also make sure to get close to the stunning Arenal. Sometimes  specks of ash are visible from the crater of the fantastical Arenal Volcano!


  • Arenal is the 3rd most perfect conical shaped volcano in the world!
  • Up until 2010, Arenal was considered Costa Rica's most active volcano and one of the ten most active volcanoes in the world.
  • Arenal is the youngest volcano in Costa Rica, it is only 7,500 years old.
  • The volcano is 1,670 m high.
  • Arenal is also the name of the lake that sits on the base of the Arenal volcano.
  • Local residents also refer to the Arenal Volcano as "Arenal Peak", "Pan de Azúcar", "The Canaste Volcano", "The Costa Rica", "Río Frío Volcano" or "The Guatusos Peak".
  • There has been an alleged UFO sighting at Cite Lagoon near the volcano back in the 90’s.



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