Wadi Rum Desert

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"The Valley of the Moon" is spectacular in more ways than one.

The Wadi Rum Desert aka “The Valley of The Moon” translates to “Sand Valley” in Arabic. This almost 300 square miles (720 sq. km) of desert is pure wilderness, mystifies travellers and is an adventurer’s paradise. Many consider Wadi Rum to the ‘crown jewel of Jordan’s ancient desert’. Its rugged landscape, ancient history, stunning colour and geography is what makes Wadi Rum worthy of admiration and preservation. No wonder this wonder is a protected area and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wadi Rum Desert


wadi rum desert

Wadi Rum Desert fills its visitors with wonder and intrigue. Striking rock formations, fascinating rock art, and a scintillating night sky, are all factors that contribute to this unique destination and make the visit worthwhile. This is where history and beauty come together.

Wadi Rum’s history is fascinating. It is a place that has been inhabited by many human cultures since prehistoric times. Many cultures, like the Nabateans, have left their mark both figuratively and literally on Wadi Rum. The past is very much still present in this area of the world. This can be seen through the written records of the Nabataean kingdom which although sparse shine light on the rich and interesting life of the pagan nomads. Scattered inscriptions and graffiti can be found throughout Wadi Rum’s rocks. These millennia-old writings are enough to spark our curiosity while humbling us.

Wadi Rum’s allure goes beyond its inherent beauty, petroglyphs, inscriptions, and scattered ruins; it is also home to an interesting group of people known as Bedouins

Many historians believe the Bedouins descend from the Nabateans. These semi-nomadic people have historically inhabited the desert regions while herding camels and goats. Their deep relationship with the desert continues to live on. Today many Bedouins serve as tour guides. Visit wadi Rum Desert and discuss Bedouin traditions with the best local tour guides around.

In Wadi Rum Desert you will find magnificent sites. The “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” rock formation, named after “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom” T.E. Lawrence’s famous post-war book, Nabatean temples, natural arches, and out-of-this-world sandstone rock formations are just a few examples of what the desert offers.


  • Wadi Rum is a favourite location among movie directors; it is featured in many mainstream movies. Two famous movies include the famed Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and Red Planet (2000), where the location was used as a representation of Mars’s surface.
  • Wadi Rum’s red colour is due to the presence of iron oxide in its mountains and sand.
  • Wadi Rum is home to a surprisingly wide variety of flora. There you will find over 160 species of plants that belong to almost 50 different plant families.
  • Thomas Edward Lawrence, aka “Lawrence of Arabia” did not gain fame until after the war. His exploits were largely overshadowed by the millions of lives lost on the Western Front during the First World War. Lawrence did not become an international celebrity and war hero until American correspondent, Lowell Thomas, showed his photographs and films to the public in a 1919 lecture tour.



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