Al Hoota Cave








Al Hoota Cave is a mysterious and exciting system found at the base of the famous Jabel Shams mountain region.

Al Hoota, once a secret among locals, has become famous for its beauty, atmosphere, and history. The cave opened to the public in November of 2006 and has quickly become one of Oman’s most famous natural tourist destinations. Stunning Al Hoota is located approximately 224 kilometres away from the main city of Muscat.


The Al Hoota cave system is fascinating and intricate. This natural location is one that stirs emotions for visitors alike. Al Hoota provides insight into the region’s fascinating history. It stretches more than 4.5 km yet only 500 meters of the area is accessible to the general public. The cave looks great despite its age. Al Hoota is estimated to be about two million years old and yet it is in perfect condition. The cave’s climate allows it to have perfect humidity needed to ensure the stalagmites grow and prosper.

The combination of natural beauty combined with human creativity makes the inside of this particular cave the perfect place to learn and discover the obscure intricacies found in the underground world.

Limestone is the main stone found within the cave, along with some carbonate. Al Hoota cave has stunning rock and limestone formations that serve as inspiration to many. There are many interesting sections found within the cave. Some contain big pillars whereas other sections contain formations that mimic spaces found in the natural world, which is the case of Al Hoota’s lion-shaped rock!

We love the cave for many reasons including its location. Al Hoota is located at the foot of the highest mountain found within the vicinity of the Tanuf Valley in Al Hamra. This region is home to a 400-year-old town as well as Jebel Shams, also known as ‘sun peak’. Jebel Shams is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Arabia due to its intricate fissures, exposed vertical cliffs, flat canyon rims, and impressive size. This mountainous heaven provides some of the best views found within the Arabian Peninsula.



  • The Omani blind cave fish lives in the Al Hoota cave system.
  • Al Hoota is the first and only show cave located within the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Scientist estimate the cave is about 2 million years old.
  • Jabal Shams, the mountain region home to Al Hoota, is Oman’s highest mountain.
  • According to various reports Al Hoota was officially discovered back in 1960 by a shepherd who was looking for his lost goat.
  • Visitors may only reach the cave’s centre by electric train.
  • Only 750 people are allowed into the cave each day.



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