Snake Gorge (Canyon)






Snake Gorge, also known as Snake Canyon, is the name given to the main canyon in Wadi Bani Awf of the Ad Dakhiliyah Region in Oman.

This area is famous among hiking and outdoor adventure aficionados. Snake Canyon and or Gorge is a name that has been popularized due to the interesting bends and nooks found within the gorge. The gorge, also known as Wadi Bimah, has been dubbed Nature’s water park due to its incredible amount of pools, swim holes, cliffs/jump off points, and natural water slides!


Snake Gorge is one of those places that leaves a mark in your memory forever, it offers a perspective few have ever seen before. The limestone walls of the gorge show us that nature has ways of creating artwork. What we love about the fabulous wadi is how its design allows for interactive fun. The most beautiful sculptures in the world are the ones that take shape due to natural wear that occurs over thousands and thousands of years. This is where history and adventure meet.

This gorge, or wadi, in the Ad Dakhiliyah Region of Oman is popular among adventure enthusiast and hikers alike.

The intricate limestone designs of Snake Gorge feature cave systems that provide the perfect routes for climbing, canyoning, caving, and jumping off small cliffs into water pools. Not to mention, Snake Gorge also has natural waterslides!

There is diversity within the colourful rock labyrinth that is Snake Gorge, some spaces are narrower than others, some areas smoother than others, this allows for a complete sensory experience. During your hike through Snake Gorge you will see cliffs so high and narrow that at times it will feel as if you’re in a different world. There will also be times when the hiker will be able to touch both sides of the cliff’s walls at once.  

The gorge can also be found in the beautiful region of Wadi Bani Awf which stretches across the Hajjar Mountains, roughly between Nizwa and Rustaq. This area is of the largest valleys in Oman and is dotted with picturesque villages, beautiful ruins, and many natural wonders.



  • Snake Gorge was named after the colubrine shapes created by the mountains that ‘snake’ through.
  • The gorge is more than 100 meters high in some places!
  • In Oman, people with the name Al-‘Aufí, or اَلْـعَـوْفِي‎ in Arabic, are believed to come from Wadi Bani Awf.
  • A canyon is sometimes defined as ‘a deep gorge’.
  • The word ‘gorge’ is French, it means throat or neck.
  • Abseiling and or rappelling is a common technique used during gorge and or canyon adventures.
  • In order to reach Snake Gorge a 4WD car is required.


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