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Bay of Fundy, famously known for having the highest tide in the world and being a whale haven, is located between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.   


Nova Scotia is famous for its high tides, stunning scenery, and out-of-this-world lobster! Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s three maritime provinces and is the country’s smallest after Prince Edward Island. This province’s mainland is the Nova Scotia peninsula, which is surrounded by four major bodies of water, one of which is the famous Bay of Fundy. This proximity to water is a reoccurring theme in Nova Scotia, so much so that the provincial vehicle license plate reads,

“Nova Scotia
Canada’s Ocean Playground”

New Brunswick, stretches along the Eastern coast of the North American continent and is the only Canadian state to be an official bilingual province.  It also ‘shares custody’ with Nova Scotia of the remarkable Bay of Fundy area.

Bay of Fundy

There are many reasons to love the Bay of Fundy, one of the biggest is the fact that the bay separates New Brunswick from Nova Scotia allowing us to travel into two different states of Canada at one time. This area is known for its impressive tides, specular whale watching, massive whirlpools, fossils, and river reversal.

Fundy not only features tides taller than some buildings, it is also a place of extreme beauty and amusement. This bay is full of charm and things to do, it not only attracts humans from many different parts of the world, it also attracts various species of whales! The Bay of Fundy is usually brimming with wildlife and is a critical habitat for many species of whales and dolphins. Wildlife enthusiasts visiting the bay have the opportunity to spot over eight species of whales, including humpback, minke, fin, North Atlantic Right). The probability of spotting one of these gentle giants is high considering the whale population can exceed 300 at any one time.

Nature lovers will also enjoy the fact that the Bay of Fundy National Park is home to more than 260 species of birds, as well as amphibians, reptiles and over 40 species of mammals. 

There is always fun at Fundy, for example, on Nova Scotia side, high tide offers marvellous boating, rafting, kayaking and sightseeing opportunities whereas low tide allows you to go mud sliding, tidal bore rafting, or muddy soccer playing! New Brunswick is home to the famous Hopewell Rocks, a stunning rock formation to be experienced at low tide on foot or by kayak, and created by tidal erosion.

Engaging in water sports at Bay of Fundy is an adventure in itself. The Bay is unique in that it boasts a 75-meter-long massive whirlpool, second largest in the world, and features areas in which the tides temporarily reverse their flow.

But wait there’s more, just in case you weren’t already impressed with Bay of Fundy and it’s many offerings.

The peninsula is also a history lover’s paradise with many ancient fossil-bearing rock formations, most of which are particularly rich along the shores of the Bay of Fundy. We’re not kidding, the Bay is actually the home of the world’s most complete fossil record of life hidden among the region's cliffs. These fossil cliffs are known as Joggins and are Canada’s 15th UNESCO World Heritage Site. These magnificently exposed layers of rock give us insight into life 300 million years ago!


  • Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia, rents 77 hectare Point Pleasant Park from the British government for 10 cents a year and has a 999-year lease.
  • New Brunswick is the only province in Canada that is constitutionally bilingual. French is spoken by about a third of the population, especially by people of Acadian origin.
  • No point in Nova Scotia is more than 60 km from the sea.
  • ‘Nova Scotia’ is Latin for ‘New Scotland’.
  • The largest waterfall in New Brunswick is the Grand Falls Gorge. It’s 70 meters high (230 feet) in a gorge that’s 1.5 kilometres long. During the spring, six million litres of water, 90% of the volume of Niagara Falls, flows over the falls every few seconds.
  • Nova Scotian, James G. Creighton was the first person to receive credit for the structuration of ice hockey.
  • Moncton, in New Brunswick, is home to Magnetic Hill, where objects seemingly roll uphill on Magnetic Hill. If you’re ever on Magnetic Hill, we suggest you put your car in neutral and, like magic, your car will roll uphill all on its own!
  • Every year Nova Scotia sends a Christmas tree to Boston, Massachusetts to thank them for their help after the 1917 Halifax explosion that levelled parts of Halifax and Dartmouth.
  • Bay of Fundy is known for having the highest tides in the world! These are called ‘Spring Tides’ which occur every 206 days or so, during this time the difference between high and low tide is about 16.3 meters…that’s taller than a three-story building!



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