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Between the Kispiox and the Skeena Rivers lies the modern town of Kispiox, located in the Kispiox Valley.

Between the Kispiox and the Skeena Rivers lies the modern town of Kispiox, located in the Kispiox Valley. This breathtaking area can be found in the Northwest British Columbia. Kispiox is known for its fabulous rivers, surrounding mountains, stunning totem poles, and rich First Nation culture. The town’s breathtaking landscape features swamps, five rivers and a chain of crystal clear lakes. Kispoix’s crisp waters are home to the world's largest strain of wild steelhead and salmon.



The Kispiox Valley is home to natural beauty surrounded by mossy forest perfect for curious bears and their cubs. Its town allows its locals and visitors alike to sit back and dream of a simpler time. Listening to the sound of the Kispiox River as it flows and rushes past rocks teleports you back to when brave pioneer men and women settled in the area in hopes of a better life despite the harsh conditions.

Kispiox Valley is easy to love, it offers more than just beautiful surroundings including adventure! This slice of British Colombian wilderness provides a wonderful natural setting perfect for canoeing, kayaking, river rafting, or simple outdoor play. Not to mention, the area is also home to the Swan Lake Kispiox River Provincial Park which lies within the traditional territories of the Gitxsan people. This park is rich in minerals and culture. As you stroll through the lands you will find hundreds of artistic and spiritual pieces, including totem poles, created by the First Nation.

Also, the Swan Lake Kispiox River Provincial Park is 62,319-hectares (153,996 acres) of pure wilderness, its glacier origin is displayed by the shape of its lakes. Interestingly enough, this type of geology is more commonly associated with the landscape found in the Canadian Shield of Central Canada than in British Columbia. Swan Lake Kispiox River Provincial Park is famously known for its diverse ecosystems and fishing. Luckily, British Columbia has gone to great pains to protect its wildlife. In order to fish in this region, you must have a valid fishing license. Because the panoramic Kispiox River is home to a large variety of fish the area supports an unusually high concentration of grizzly bears.


  • Kispiox is a Gitxsan village which means it is a home territory to many of Canada’s indigenous people. Most native people live within the Kispiox Indian Reserve.
  • Kispiox Village also known as "Anspay'axw" to the Gitxsan people translates to ‘The Hiding Place’.
  • The Kispiox River has been host to two world-record steelhead catches including a 33-pound fish and as well as a 36 pounder.
  • Emily Carr, a noted Canadian painter and writer, most famous for being one of the first painters in Canada to adopt a Modernist and Post-Impressionist style, got most, if not all her early inspiration from Canada’s First Nations peoples.
  • Swimming with salmon is a popular outdoor activity in Kispiox.
  • Salmon are considered “anadromous” which means they live in both fresh and salt water.



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