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Western Australia's Coral Coast houses some of the oceans most breathtaking and astounding sites.

Western Australia, abbreviated as WA, is the largest state in Australia. It occupies one third of the entire country. Despite it being such a massive part of the country, Western Australia only accounts for 11% of the total Australian population. Most of the state is scarcely populated, so much so that a whopping 92% of the inhabitant live in the south-west corner.

This costal area of the south-western region has an agreeable Mediterranean climate and is home to one of the world’s tallest trees, the Karris.  By contrast we have the north-western region which is where you can find one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Ningaloo Reef. This reef is not only Australia’s largest fringing coral reef, it is also the only large reef that is incredibly close to a landmass.


Ningaloo reef/western australia

The scenery and diverse wildlife found in Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef makes the location bucket list worthy. Within the area you will find the world’s largest fish: the Whale Shark. It’s no wonder Ningaloo Reef is listed as a World Heritage Site. Swimming in the reef’s waters will transport you to a different world filled with color, mystery, and extraordinary diversity.

At Ningaloo you can swim with amazing creatures like; dolphins, sea lions, manta rays, dugongs and humpback whales.  Ocean currents are what give the reef such a special ecosystem for it is where cool currents from the south meet with warmer currents from the north. This type of environment allows for a unique mix of tropical and subtropical species to thrive.


  • It wasn’t until the Dutch explorers visited Western Australia that the Europeans learned about the existence of black swans.
  • Western Australia is so big that if it were to become an independent nation it would rank among the world’s top 10 biggest countries!
  • Perth, WA’s capitol, is closer to East Timor and Jakarta, Indonesia than it is to Sydney.
  • Perth is where you will find the highest capita of self-made millionaires in the world.
  • WA has a neon pink lake, Lake Hillier.
  • In 2015, Perth researchers discovered a meteorite older than Earth. The rock is around 4.5 billion years old and was found in the WA outback.
  • The Ningaloo Coast and Reef both get their name from Wajarri, the language of the Australian Aboriginals.
  • The Ningaloo Reef is one of the largest biological structures known and it is also visible from space!

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