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New Zealand's West Coast, or 'the Coast' as locals call it, is a place filled with natural attractions and geological treasures. The Coast contains rivers, rainforest, glaciers, intriguing flora and fauna, and of course, the incredible Landsborough region.

This striking valley is home to the Landsborough River and is located in New Zealand's South Island. The river is a major tributary of the Haast River which flows southwest and runs parallel to the Southern Alps. This location is one few people, outside of locals and rafting aficionados, know about. Landsborough is known for its spellbinding beauty and wild rapids.



 New Zealand's Landsborough region is capable of enchantment. It is home to spectacular valleys and an exceptionally wild and pristine river. Not to mention, this area is in the heart of the Southern Alps, which is about as remote as you can possibly get. No roads, no cell reception, not easily accessed.

All you need to do is venture a bit further north from the resort town of Queenstown before arriving at Landsborough. The difference between these two areas is impressive. Queenstown light up and bustles, whereas Landsborough is a remote valley that seems to only embrace the natural, a region ideal for outdoor lovers. This area consists of acres upon acres of untouched wilderness, glorious glaciers and spectacularly unspoiled scenery of bushes, rivers and mountains…talk about an adventurer’s paradise!

Many consider Landsborough to be best known for its magnificent river. Travelling along the Landsborough River, classified as grade 3-4+, is a perfect way to explore New Zealand’s mystical wilderness. The river’s surrounding region provides travellers with an unforgettable off-the-beaten-path experience. The region provides travellers with the opportunity to hike, raft, birdwatch, and camp along one of the world’s greatest and most famous rivers, only accessible by helicopter or from a full two-day hike. The Landsborough is an enchanting place.


  • Landsborough was named for the British born explorer William Landsborough who was the first European to cross Australia north to south.
  • In April 2005 the Nature Heritage Fund purchased private land in the Landsborough River valley as an addition to the Mount Aspiring National Park.
  • The Historic Landsborough Rangers Hut is the only 'tent frame' hut left in New Zealand.
  • Deer culling was a major practice in New Zealand’s West Coast, so much so that it is a practice that forms part of New Zealand’s cultural mythology.



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