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King George teleports you to a new and different world only discussed in fairy tales.

King George is the largest island of the South Shetland Islands. It lies 120 kilometres (75 miles) off Antarctica’s coast in the Southern Ocean. The island was named after King George III and is famous for its multiple research stations. King George island has beautiful bays, small islands, and spectacular wildlife. Although small in comparison to the rest of the continent, King George is a true gem on the West Antarctic peninsula.

King George Island


king george island

King George island is home to three major bays, Maxwell Bay, Admiralty Bay, and King George Bay. Each bay is special in its own way but Admiralty Bay stands out from the other two. This bay contains three fjords; Martel, Mackellar, and Ezcurra. The bay is also an important bird area and has been identified as such by BirdLife International, a bird conservation partnership. The South Shetland Islands support the breeding colonies of several seabirds, including various penguin species such as Gentoo, Adelie and Chinstrap, and are home to other charismatic wildlife including the endemic Antarctic fur seal, but also the elephant, Weddell and leopard seal. King George Island is home to spectacular creatures and natural structures; therefore, it should come as no surprise to discover that it is protected under the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty.

King George’s landscape is truly amazing and although it is the warmest area of Antarctica, it still features snow, ice, glaciers and rugged mountains. Some areas are mushy whereas others are rocky, icy, and slippery. The island allows you to embrace Antarctica’s different terrains while also granting you access to penguin colonies, snowshoe walks, and impressive views.

King George teleports you to a new and different world only discussed in fairy tales. Get to know some penguins, watch as they interact. Feel the wind whip against you as it kicks snow up and leaves you awed by Nature’s spectacular power. Walk from research station to research station as you listen to a multitude of languages being spoken. English, Russian, and Spanish are among some of the languages spoken on this island… cool right! Not only will you get to learn about new and exciting animals, King George Island also brings people from different parts of the world together!


  • Antarctica’s Arctowski lighthouse is the most southerly lighthouse of the world.
  • On December 8, 2013, American heavy metal band Metallica performed a concert at Carlini Station heliport.
  • The Antarctica Marathon is a 42.195-kilometre (26.219 mi) race that occurs every year in late February or early March, on the island.
  • One of Antarctica’s few permanent structures consist of a Russian Orthodox church, Trinity Church. It is one of the southernmost churches in the world and is maintained year-round by priest.
  • The Island was first claimed by Britain in 1819, then by Chile in 1940, followed by Argentina in 1943. Neither the US nor Russia recognize the countries’ claims and have formally reserved their own right to claim the land.



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