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Oqaatsut is small but beautifully situated village about 15 km north of Ilulissat. In this small settlement it is impossible to separate everyday life from the well-being of the community. Those who live in the settlement are tight knit and welcoming. Greenland’s wilderness is sewn into their everyday lives. These Greenlanders experience the magic of life, daily. Life becomes quieter and more profound when unnecessary elements are eliminated. Oqaatsut is a shining example of this philosophy. It is a settlement that depends on fishing, and even though it only has 45 inhabitants, it has its own school, church, shop and small restaurant called “H8”. H8 was refurbished from an old colonial building. This settlement offers the essentials and keeps you happy with just that. Sometimes, less is more.

WHY WE LOVE Oqaatsut

Peaceful and remote There is something to be said about standing in the ‘middle of nowhere’ surrounded by wind and ice. Just you, and nature, against nothing. This is what you will find once you travel to Oqaatsut. What society makes us fear is what the Oqaatsut settlement teaches us to embrace…isolation. Anti-Stress remedy, connecting with nature Being around the Arctic’s rugged wilderness is both humbling and empowering. Ridding yourself off modern day pressures is not only refreshing but it also offers a different perspective. Oqaatsut is, quite literally, the polar opposite of what most of us experience on a day-to-day basis. Modern day life has a way of wrapping up us, of making us always search for more and the beauty of places like Oqaatsut is that they force you to free yourself from the incessant anxieties that plague us in our daily lives. You will finally have the time to take your time and enjoy nature in all its perfection, cleanliness, and whiteness. No cars or pollution This special town doesn’t have any roads, just a few pathways and boardwalks, it can only be reached via boat or by hiking the path from Ilulissat in the summer or by snowmobile or dogsledding in the winter. Navigating the settlement is done in unconventional ways. You will get to transport yourself by kayak, boat, snowmobile, snowshoes, and or dogsled. Following the beat of village life won’t be too hard once you get the hang of it…chances are you might not want to leave! Beauty at its purest Oqaatsut is a place of harsh beauty. Its icebergs, icy paths, and brightly coloured houses will surely find their way into your heart. Who would have thought that such a small town can cause such a major impact?


  • Oqaatsut was formally known as Rodebay, which means “red bay” in Dutch.
  • The settlement is so small it only has one supermarket and one restaurant, which is more than enough to feed its less than 50 inhabitants.
  • Contrary to popular belief, there are mosquitos in Greenland! Oqaatsut is full of them during the summer months.
  • Oqaatsut has been inhabited since the early 18th century. With only 42 residents, it is the 8th smallest village in Greenland.
  • Oqaatsut means “cormorants”, in Greenlandic. Cormorants are black seabirds that are frequently spotted in the town.
  • Oqaatsut’s only church doubles as its school where you will find 6 to 8 students.



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