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Snorkelling with Sea Lions in Puerto Madryn

This incredible experience takes place in an area that is less than 20 km away from the beautiful Punta Loma…It’s time to come face to face with one of the friendliest marine animal species known to man!

Snowmobile Northern Lights Tour

Move away from the electric glow of the town lights as you enter the Arctic night. Head into an Aurora Borealis light show while on the back of a snowmobile.

Stand Up Paddle board around Molat Island

This Stand Up Paddle Boarding Around Molat tour takes the complies the best locations located within Zadar’s coast and allows you to enjoy them. Embark on an exciting movement-oriented excursion as we go from island to island on our board. Stay far from tourist crowds and get an inside look into local pastimes.

Summer Inuit Adventure – 2 Days

From February 6th to April 22nd you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Greenland’s culture. Oqaatsut is a region in Greenland with about 50 inhabitants.

Swim Near Humpback Whales – Ningaloo Reef

Whales roam all over the world’s oceans but only a handful of places offer the opportunity to witness them, but less swim with them. This swimming with Humpback Whale experience is done responsibly and alongside well-trained staff.

Swimming with Dolphins in their Habitat

This Swimming with Dolphins in their Habitat allows you to interact with wild dolphins in their natural environment and on their terms.

Torres del Paine Glamping Adventure – 4 Days

Torres del Paine Glamping Adventure is an all-inclusive program that includes; transfers, room and board, open bar, private excursions, bilingual guides, and entrance fee to the National Parks. You will get five-star treatment while staying in a one of a kind sustainable camp.

Trekking to Petra Nabatean Style

Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Petra is known for its ancient ruins, surreal colour, and spectacular culture. This trekking to Petra trip is by far one of the greatest experiences you will have in your adult life.