The Flora and Fauna to be Seen while Hiking in Argentina

When someone mentions sightseeing you probably think of important buildings or maybe iconic statues or streets. Well, this case is different. We’re going to be talking about a different type of sightseeing. In fact this isn’t going to be a post about what not to miss when visiting a particular city. This is about two of our favorite topics, Nature and hiking in Argentina.

It is no secret that we love Argentina and all it has to offer. Among those offerings is a spectacular amount of wilderness. In fact, one of the factors that sets Argentina apart from South America and the rest of the world for that matter is its high biodiversity. This is why it really pays to go hiking in Argentina. Imagine witnessing all the fantastic flora and fauna that paints this stunning country all the way from the North to the South. What better way to discover new sights and animals than to go for a hike?

Hiking in Argentina: Flora

Argentina has more than 10% of the world’s flora varieties. Southern beeches and Darwin’s Barberry are rampant. Yerba Mate, which discussed in an earlier post, is also one of Argentina’s favored plants. Known for its delicious taste it is now an integral part of Argentine culture. Similarly, the ombú tree is visible throughout Argentina. This magnificent tree is not only beautiful for its massive trunk but also for its distinguishable canopy that provides a valuable shelter from the sun and the rain. The ombú tree also has poisonous sap, which means that it can be used as a laxative or purgant. Its sap also ensures that incest won’t bother it or you especially while trying to nap under its majestic shade. Lastly, this tree is idyllic in that it is a symbol of Argentina as well as Gaucho culture rendering it must-see while exploring through and hiking in Argentina. Now, if you are more of a flower person we strongly recommend you keeping an eye out for the hundred of different orchids that are native to Argentinean land. Some of these orchids include; cattleya, duck, leptotes, oncidium divaricatum and oncidium pubes.

Hiking in Argentina: Fauna

From pumas to penguins, this country has it all. Hike through wetlands in order to find reptiles like the Caiman yacare, boa constrictors, anacondas, or rattle snakes. Obviously, these animals are for more advanced and ‘adventurous’ of explorers looking for predators. Other more ‘appropriate’ animal spotting includes mammals like; llamas, guanacos, South American Tapir, foxes, or monitos del monte. Keep an eye out for the last marsupial mentioned, monito del monte. The monito, which translates to ‘little monkey’ is a living fossil because it is only survivor of its species. Always look ahead while hiking, but also do not forget to look up!

The bird fauna found in Argentina is not only extensive but also somewhat unbelievable. This country has everything from toucans to egrets to raptors. Not only that but hiking in Argentina allows you to witness some of the most exotic butterflies in the world! Located mostly in the Iguazú region this colorful insect will show you that beauty lies in even the smallest of creatures. If you’re interested in being one with the flora and fauna of Argentina you must visit Patagonia region. It is undoubtably one of the best locations in the world. We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the flora and fauna Argentina has to offer. What are some of your favorite plants, animals, or insects? Is there anything in particular you’re dying to see? Let us know below. Until next time, Wildthings!