Wildthentic stands for Wild (into the wilderness, nature-based) and Authentic experiences. We are a marketing platform and certification body and our promise is to offer the most unusual, finest and singular travel experiences across the world, to the discerning traveller, going through an in-depth selection process of nature-based adventure activities.

  • Our goal is to create a community of like-minded people who can connect through our platform and to use our expertise guaranteeing a unique and unforgettable experience to our clients.
  • Being part of our community by partnering with us will increase your exposure and allow you to stand out in this highly competitive environment. It will raise your profile to the next level, being part of our ‘club’ and not only help promoting your products but also allow you to connect with partners offering similar experiences across the world and share tips from the industry.
  • Your experience will be audited and certified by professionals, as a result, if you match the criteria, you will be granted a label of quality, and have a team of ‘influencers’ adding credibility and engaging further into the social media world.
  • Our highly sophisticated but very ‘user friendly’ booking system allows you to have a live availability, online calendar and instant booking system, so that anyone from anywhere across the world at any time can book your product, as long as they have internet connection, even from their mobile.

In order to evaluate whether the experiences you offer can be approved and certified by Wildthentic, we need you to fill in the form below.

Pre selection process

We first check the criteria are met with your description and check clients reviews of the experience and destination. As you know, our focus in on nature-based adventure experiences, which means that clients must engage and be active, in an outdoor environment and surrounded by nature.

Once you pass the first selection process, your activity will be uploaded on our website, but we still need to check it physically. Once a member of our team has fully experienced your product it can be fully certified.

The whole process is using a great variety of criteria that are deem effective in the Travel Industry that we have been using and improving during our 10-15 years of practice working in the trade.

As a partner, you will be charged an annual fee plus a commission per confirmed booking (rates will be specified in the Terms of Reference Agreement). To encourage you to ‘join the club’ exceptionally we offer you a free membership the first year and a 50% discount the second year.
Our products will also be reviewed at least once per year before to renew our partnership.


Please kindly answer the following questions with as much details as possible. You may select some of your signature experiences that are most relevant to our brand and philosophy. We won’t necessarily promote all your products but the ones matching our criteria. For each activity you wish to submit please kindly fill the form below.

Important Note:
Please ensure the text in the description of singular experience is unique and product specific. If the content is too generic, the same as your other product pages or if text is repeated then we will need to ask you to submit the form again.


Corporate Information

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General Information about the experience selected to be part of Widlthentic

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Available Period of the Activity
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Starting Date

Ending Date

Daily Departure Time:
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Experience Description

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Detailed description of the Experience:

Market: How do your clients book?
(online, via Travel Agents or walk in, or other)

Market: Who are your clients
(Average age, nationality, package tours or independents, adventurous, high end, mid-range?)

H&S Practices
(What is done locally to ensure Health and Safety of guest, quick overview)

Do you have a liability insurance? For which value?
(Please include a copy of your liability insurance policy)

Responsible Travel:
(Please describe what you do to support community, environment, etc)

(Do they have any similar product in the area? How do you stand out?)

Do you currently use an online booking software with live availability and online payment? If so wich one?

How do you measure your client´s feedback?
(Please provide your TripAdvisor link or similar)

Singularity of the Experience

What makes your experience Singular?
(This is a determinant factor so please take your time answering this question, we want to know the quirks and twists of your experience that makes it unique, original, and so enjoyable, and why people won´t forget it. We are talking about the intangible part, the 'Wow' factor)


We hope to welcome you soon in our Wildthentic exclusive club!
Next step once your product has been selected, a Skype chat will be arranged with you to comment about it and set a date for a physical visit.

Wild Greetings!