Millennial Travel has Redefined An Entire Industry

We’ve all heard the term ‘Millennial’ and chances are some of you fall within this category. Millennials are the children of baby boomers who were born roughly somewhere between the early 1980s to the early 2000s. These humans grew up with Macintosh computers, took typing classes in school, and probably have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter and or Lord Of The Rings.

But, what sets Millennials apart from the other generations is the fact that they have grown up in a time of a massive technological boom and shift. Today’s 20 to 30 year-olds have survived the economic recession, for the most part, and are currently in control of the global economy’s buying and spending power. Today’s article discusses one of these aspects; travel. Millennial travel has created its own sector in the travel industry and because of this, everything has changed.

The consumer no longer views travelling as a luxury, it has now become a necessity. Social media floods today’s reality with images of exotic destinations and adventure. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Millennials are 23 percent more likely to travel abroad than their older fellow humans.

In today’s society the internet is King (or Queen). Everything is booked online, nowadays. With the explosion of services like Amazon, Netflix, AirBnB,, online banking, food shopping online, it’s safe to say everything is now done virtually. This idea of fast and easy service translates to all sectors and travel is no exception. Millenials are the experts in finding the best flight deal, or spotting their new favourite quirky hotel. Apart from wanting to save money and keep up with trends, Millenials want to be different and do something unique!

Below we will discuss the three major ways we think that Millennials have changed the face of travel.

1. Millennial travel = cultural experience > partying

Gone are the days where partying was the main way to escape reality, now people actually escape and adventure. According to a 2016 CNBC article, we ‘Millennials’ aren’t spending our money on cars, TVs and watches,” Taylor Smith, CEO and co-founder of Blueboard, told CNBC. “We’re renting scooters and touring Vietnam, rocking out at music festivals, or hiking Machu Picchu.”

Which is perfect because we know a thing or two about hiking Machu Picchu! Experiencing different cultures and traveling to a destination from which one can learn from used to be a ‘hippy ideal’. That is no longer the case, it is now the norm and rightfully so! The times are changing and for the better.

2. This generation values solo group travel

Although solo travel has been deemed as ‘unsafe’, which is not entirely true, a MMGY Global survey reported that about 37 percent of North American adults intend on taking at least one overnight leisure trip alone. Now, it is important to keep in mind that ‘going solo’ doesn’t necessarily mean going alone but more so being independent. Going solo has evolved into, traveling alone within a safety net of a larger group. One can travel and experience adventure as an individual within a somewhat larger group of likeminded individuals. This is where intimacy meets networking.

3. Adrenaline rush > luxury vacations 

This generation’s main interest is having a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. FOMO (the fear of missing out) has set the tone for the Millennial desire of wanting to outdo their friends. Millennial travel is all about looking for the next big adventure because YOLO, right? It is fascinating to see how these rambunctious young adults are paving the way for both older and younger generations. Millennial travellers are the trailblazers of travel. These young adults are unafraid to book a flight and jump into whatever adventure is in store. We like this mentality; it is both wild and authentic!