Read about the future of travel with Wildthentic Certified Experiences!

For those of you who haven’t caught on yet or are new to the Wildthentic brand, we’d like to say “Hello! Welcome to our online Magazine!”.  We are a company that offers authenticated and certified experiences specific to our customer. Wildthentic is paving the way for a new form of travel, one that combines active tourism with natural surroundings. For the purpose of  getting to know us better visit our About Us page if interested…BUT, today we’re focusing on explaining what Wildthentic Certified Experiences mean and why they matter.

First thing’s first, let’s talk about what these three words mean. You may ask yourself what makes an experience Wildthentic-ly Certified?  Well, the Wildthentic team has broken it down into two major categories; Authenticity and Memorability as well as Professionalism and Service. Now, let’s break it down a bit further.

Wildthentic Certified Experiences: Authenticity and Memorability

How do we ensure Wildthentic Certified Experiences are authentic and memorable?

First, we analyze the location of the experience, whether it be in the Mountains of Greenland or an igloo in Andorra. The excursion location must offer something different. Wildthentic Certified Experiences occur in places that set apart from neighboring areas. Differentiating factors might include a well-known park or an epic iceberg. It is important to note that the excursion offered may never surpass 30 people at any given time. Wildthentic does not certify mass experiences. Experiences are meant to be intimate in order to ensure memorability and connection to Nature.

Second, we provide the guides necessary to ensure that the people taking part in the experience understand that they are a part of a story. Culture and history play a major roll in the decision making process. A location must be rich in both adventure as well as history in order for it to align with our brand. Wildthentic Certified Experiences take an activity and turn it into something bigger, something more tangible, something that’ll change your perspective. We offer experiences that will improve your quality of life and hopefully help elevate your understanding of your very own ‘personhood’.

Wildthentic Certified Experiences: Professionalism and Service

How do we ensure Wildthentic Certified Experiences provide great professional service?

  1. Materials: We provide the quality materials necessary to complete your experience.
  2. Service: We ensure that all guides are certified and well-versed in the area as well as their field. We understand the importance of having guides who speak multiple languages, pay attention to detail, and offer upbeat and charismatic energy.
  3. Reservations: We ensure that your reservation process is both fast and easy.
  4. Meeting points: We provide locations that are well-known, clean, and easy to get to. Team communication helps us ensure that the process goes smoothly and efficiently.
  5. Food (if applicable): We provide food that has been handled by professionals therefore ensuring its taste, quality, cleanliness, and quantity. We want all Wildthentic-ers to feel full and satisfied.
  6. Accommodation (if applicable): We provide clean and comfortable locations. Some have argued that our accommodations are the best in the area.

Wildthentic Certified Experiences: The Final Step

Before any excursion or travel experience receives the Wildthentic Cerification it must first fulfill all of the norms, mentioned above, which are checked with a questionnaire of 200 criteria that auditors must complete. The auditors must also make a report describing the exact experiences one will encounter during the participation while also providing explicit documentation. After the questionnaire is complete the proposal goes to the admissions committee (made up of 3 Wildthentic directors, 2 Wildthentic members and 2 outside experts) who then decide whether to accept or reject the operator’s request to join Wildthentic. Some of this has been explained in a past post, entitled Wildthentic, your new hallmark of quality, although it only provides an overview of what is discussed in this article.

Above all, we pride ourselves on providing the best experience possible. It is for this reason that we go to such great lengths to establish a certification process that is thorough. See what we’re about with your own eyes! Thank you and until next time.