How Wildthentic is Redefining the Tourist Experience

Wildthentic appeared in 2016 as a new player in the tourism industry with a revolutionary business model. As a result, Wildthentic endorses the tourist experience. First and foremost, it seeks to add order to the world of “tourist experience”.

We live in a day and age where many tour agencies sell‘an unforgettable experience’. What does that really mean? Ironically enough, although many companies make their money on the promise of an authentic experience, there has been little advancements made in regards to this particular aspect of travel. Most companies focus on creating more sophisticated flight, hotels, and rental car searches. But what about excursions? As discussed in a previous post, a travel agent will not help in regards to excursions. It is our job, as Wildthentic, to guarantee an exciting and noteworthy tourist experience. Actually, it’s our mission.

It is no secret that people are looking to make informed decisions. Most seek guidance about where to go and what to do at their destination. Being a tourist isn’t so easy. Sometimes planning a trip requires a lot of reading and patience. What we look for are ways to connect our travelers with culture. So, we create environments that make the tourist experience genuine and meaningful.

UKE - Upsala Kayak Experience
UKE – Upsala Kayak Experience


What is the ultimate tourist experience?

Wildthentic was born with the philosophy of saving you all the work and stress that comes with trying to plan the perfect trip. It is our job to remove hassle and focus on giving customers a once in a life time experience. Wildthentic puts you in direct contact with unique and audited experiences. No one in the industry has every done this before. Feeling that you not only didn’t get your moneys worth is the worst. Coming back home only to realize that you missed out on exciting one-in-a-lifetime opportunities is exactly what we want to spare you of. We don’t want you asking yourself what you ‘could have done’ we want you sharing what you did!

The tourism industry is made up of many players from travel agencies, tour operators, incoming agents, ground operators, etc. Wildthentic puts Ground Operators and travelers in direct contact.  these two entities are separated by multiple intermediaries. We link the travelers to the excursions. Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that we as Wildthentic, do not offer all, or most of the excursions found in a particular location. We simply offer the ones we consider to be the BEST. There are many different ways of measuring what the ultimate tourist experience is. In our case, they are the experiences that connect you to Nature as well as Culture. We offer wild authenticity. The ones that have been through our auditing process, the excursions that we can guarantee will remain on your mind for years to come.

What is a Wildthentic Certified Experience

Before any excursion or travel experience receives the Wildthentic Certification it must first fulfill all of our norms. There norms are checked with a questionnaire of 200 criteria that auditors must complete. To ‘certify’ means to guarantee, attest, and or endorse reliably. That is exactly what we are doing here, guaranteeing that what we sign off on is just as valuable as we and others say it is. Now, the difficult part is introducing a whole new qualitative measurement to the world of travel. Which is also our case. We might not have invented this style of travel but we are the first ones to address it, categorize it, and push to create a brand centered on Wild and Authentic experiences.

Being pioneers isn’t easy but it sure is worth it. Many of our fellow Wildthentic adventure seekers have reaped the benefits of our program and its ‘rating system’. Let’s use our Upsala Kayak Experience as an example. This kayaking excursion is definitely one for the books. Check out what our latest reviewer on Trip Advisor has to say about her experience…


Greenland Kangia Fjord Tour
Greenland Kangia Fjord Tour

In June of this year the Avid_Traveller19793 from London wrote, “Experience of a Lifetime Worth Every Penny! The Upsala Kayak Experience will forever remain a highlight of my travels… The gear is top quality, the staff are amazing, the food is plentiful and the natural beauty up close…wow!…The team also take all the photos for you so rather than focussing on capturing the best shots you can completely enjoy the full experience and you end up with great photos including yourself at the finish. I was fortunate to kayak with an amazing group of people that day as a solo traveller and make some fab new travel friends. Don’t miss this and book early as they have a max small group number and only run once per day I think four times a week.”

Traveling Matters

Our board members combed through this Wildthentic Certified Experience in order to ensure its safety, stimulation, and thrill. We take great pains and go to great lengths to assure that incredible encounters are offered to our consumers. Not only does the activity have to be ‘right’ but the location must be as well. It isn’t a coincidence that most of our certified experiences are located in popular destinations.

Finally, we’d like to ask you to check out Wildthentic. See if there are any Wildthentic trips that interest you!