Why You Should Go See the Northern Lights at Some Point in Your Life

There are few things in this world that are as soul stirring as seeing the Northern Lights. Many people have tried to capture this magnificent phenomenon and despite all the beautiful pictures and first story accounts, all of it pales in comparison. Seeing the Aurora Borealis aka the Northern Lights should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list. Lucky, we know where you can get a spectacular view of this fascinating appearance! Go see the Northern Lights in Greenland.

Did you know that Greenland is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights?

Aurora sightings occur in the Auroral Zone. According to the ESA, European Space Agency, “The auroral zone is a ring of light emission created by the precipitation of particles in the atmosphere and centered around the magnetic pole.” Not only do certain parts of Greenland fall within the auroral zone, it is also notorious for its 300 clear-sky days a year. These factors render Greenland a top location for those in search of the aurora!

Northern Lights were a source of inspiration for Inuit legend and superstition.

It is easy to understand why the Northern Lights are a source of creativity and inspiration for many people, especially those native to the land in which they occur. Legends have helped shape culture for decades and continue to be a constant source of artistic and educational insight. There are many magical “myths” and beliefs centered on the importance of the lights. Some believe that humans witness a dance. The dead do the dance up in the night sky where the deceased also play football with a walrus skull! These so called myths are still alive today! Some believe that children conceived during the magical glow of the lights will have higher IQs and be more intelligent than other children who were not. These fascinating tales are connected to ideas of the Afterlife and mirror aspects of Inuit tradition.


Embrace the colored night sky while walking along pristine snow paths.

A tour among the snowy ice while the Northern Lights dance above you will change your life regardless of whether you’re interested in a thrill, connecting to nature, or having a first person experience with one of the main sources of Inuit inspiration. The Northern Lights Snow Shoe Tour is meant to offer a once in a lifetime experience. Local tour guides will keep you safe and show you exactly where to get the best views possible. Part of the tour involves a mountaintop where you will be able to fully embrace your surroundings. You will also get the opportunity to dance along with the night sky.

Imagine, being able to witness an infinite green serpent slither across what appears to be the Universe! Or witness explosions of pink, green, and orange light up the sky and your senses! It is now time you see the Northern Lights for yourself. Come up with your own story about them! We hope you come along for the ride, there’s a whole lotta’ world to see.