Argentina is a fun-loving, exciting, and beautiful country in South America. We’ve all heard stories of Patagonia and Argentina’s incredible food. Heck, we’ve even written about it. But there is more to this massive country than you might imagine. Not only is there adventure, great food, and wonderful scenery in Argentina, there are also spectacular festivals. South Americans definitely know how to party. So, if you’re thinking of traveling to this part of the world but haven’t made a decision yet let us help you out. Read on to learn about the festivals in Argentina. Cosquín Festival This folklore celebration takes place in the small town of Cosquín located within the province of Cordoba. A favorite among locals, this festival is not only one of the most important festivals in Argentina but in Latin America as well. This grand celebration lasts 9 days and takes place during the second half of January. The Cosquín Festival

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