You’ll be asking yourself what Wildthentic is. Wildthentic is born out of a need to offer 100% unique, emotional and unique tourism experiences, in the most spectacular of destinations, and with the certainty that all them are supported by leading companies in their fields. We are of those who think that, rather than adapt to a trip, it is much better that the trip is adapted to you. That what really makes something worthwhile is the illusion, excitement and freedom to live a unique experience in a unique way. We guarantee all the experiences of our partners: established companies like Calafate Mountain Park, PGIGreenland or Mil Out Door, who trust Wildthentic as a hallmark of quality for the very best tourism experiences. We identify these 100% natural settings for people like you, people who want to meet others, people who want experiences, passionate, and curious people. People for whom travel means more than catching a plane

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