Greenland is the autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark that we love. Greenland is one of our favorite places in the world. It is a country filled with wonder, so much so that it gets regular visits from the green serpent in the sky! Apart from being able to witness the Aurora Borealis, Greenland also offers snowy paradise, and magical icefjords. This enchanted island is home to unique traditions, Christmas being one of them. Christmas is a very important festival in Greenland and although it is a popular and somewhat ‘mainstream’ celebration, Greenland has managed to make it its own. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Christmas in Greenland. Greenlandic gift giving and the spreading of holiday cheer. Nestled within Greenland’s icy slopes are the villages of the Polar Inuits. These families like to visit each other and have parties during this time of year. It is typical for the families to drink coffee, share

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