Most people know that Greenland’s name is quite misleading. Greenland isn’t very green (most of the time) considering massive ice caps and permanent glaciers cover it. This strange factor is what makes food in Greenland such an interesting topic. Greenland’s land is mostly barren meaning a major portion of their food comes from the Ocean! Traditional Greenlandic cuisine is based on the meat from marine animals and the occasional bird. Globalization has since affected Greenland’s gastronomy making it a lot more diverse. International trade has lead to many distinct advances in cooking. But, rest assured Greenland is holding on to its traditions. Wonderful displays of modern cooking with classic Greenlandic ingredients have been on the rise. Food in Greenland is more than just sustenance It is history. Food is tradition. Food in Greenland forms part of a larger culture, a culture that prides itself on hunting and forming tight bonds with family and friends. Those who

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