It is time to travel to one of the world’s greatest manmade wonders, Machu Picchu. About 50 miles northwest of Cusco, tucked away in the Andes sits this impressive 5-mile citadel. Machu Picchu sits on a mountain ridge right above the Urabamba Valley about 2,500 meters above sea level. This remote location rendered the site inaccessible in its time. Even now, modern travellers must go to great lengths to visit Machu Picchu0. Although a century has passed since the discovery of this world famous site, archeologists still remain baffled by it. The Incas left no written record about the citadel. Therefore, there is no definitive explanation regarding its existence and purpose. There are many facts concerning this area that will make you want to pack you bags immediately and visit Machu Picchu. Let’s begin with its construction; despite being built in the mid 15th century the stone slabs used for Machu Picchu’s construction were cut

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