Now that we’re a week into the New Year we’d like to address something that never fails. The same thing occurs every year, people around the world countdown the final seconds of December 31st with a sense of hope. Everyone does it, we enter the New Year with goals of losing weight, gaining muscle, visiting exotic destinations, finding love, getting that promotion etc. and the truth is…travel enthusiasts are no different. Many travellers create a bucket list of ‘must-see’ locations, cliffs to jump off, mountains to climb, or beaches to visit. We applaud and stand behind all adventures and resolutions and would even like to offer some of our own. Continue to reading to find the Wildthentic list of our Top 5 Travel Resolutions for 2018. 1. Plan More. We know, we know, planning does not come easy to all. Some people are planners and some aren’t but it is for this reason that you

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