Dogsledding is an act in which a sled or sleigh is pulled by one or more dogs. You can travel over ice and through snow when using this unique method. Therefore, it should come of no surprise to learn that dogsledding, although rare for ‘us’, is common in the arctic. There are numerous types of sleds and they all differ depending on their function, some are used for racing whereas others are used for off-trail runs.  Arctic dogsledding is normally practised under somewhat extreme conditions and although it might not be for the faint of heart it is most definitely a sport meant for animal-lovers and thrill-seekers alike. Lucky for us, not only we know about dogsledding, we have first-hand experience in two of the most incredible places in the world; Alaska and Greenland. We are honoured to form part of such a large and talented community. Wildthentic’s team of local guides stretches all the

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