What makes something WOW worthy? What makes something life changing? These are questions that most travel junkies have asked themselves. We all wonder what makes something great and what distinguishes the good from the FANTASTIC. The truth is, not only are these questions somewhat difficult to measure they are also subjective. With that being said, we think we have the answer. We as Wildthentic believe to have unlocked the WOW code and figured out how to guarantee the travel experience of a lifetime. We created an in-depth checklist which all of our Wildthentic experiences must fulfill in order to meet our requirements. Below are our core values, to preselect the said experience. Adventure in Nature Let’s not kid ourselves; Wildthentic caters to those with an adventurous spirit. After all, the word “Wild” is in our name! Adventure is one of the factors that separate our experiences from the rest. We make sure that our travellers

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