Albert arrived in Greenland in 2015 and felt in love with the people and nature of this country. He loves learning from the Inuit, the local people. He has learned about the building and using of traditional kayaks, driving dogsleds and speaking the local language Kalaallisut. At the moment he lives in Ilulissat (west coast of Greenland) with his 18 sled dogs.

He is the manager of PGI Greenland, an adventure travel company based in Ilulissat. His philosophy is to make a positive impact to the destination by working close with local people, immersing the traveler and having a wonderful staff team that works for a higher purpose.

Albert has a master degree in engineering, is a sea kayak, ski mountaineering and outdoor guide. At the moment also collaborates with Campus Kujalleq as an outdoor instructor to train future Greenlandic adventure guides