Celine Fortin

Head of Products (French)

Growing up between the Alps and Britany, Celine spent most of her childhood hiking, skiing, swimming and sailing. Being raised by the mountains and waters caused her to inherit a spirit for the wild. Adventuring in nature sparked her curiosity and intrepid spirit and inspired her to begin a career in the intense and beautiful world of travel.

After graduating from a Master degree in Business, Celine went on to work in almost every Adventure Travel role within the tourism industry. She worked for a renowned UK Adventure tour operator for years as a Tour Leader in Latin America then as an Operations Manager, based in Bangkok, South East Asia. She also spent a year and a half backpacking through Oceania and months volunteering in Africa. You name it, Celine has done it. Before entering Wildthentic she spent six years in the UK focusing on product, where she was designing, assessing, managing and promoting nature-based experiences around the world. Her work focused on extraordinary high-end wildlife adventures. It was Celine’s 15 years of field experience and product expertise that made her the perfect fit for our Wildthentic team. We wanted someone who was full of passion and excitement for the world. Celine has a gift for inspiring others through experiences.

Memorable Experience:

As usual picking my favourite experience is almost impossible but if I’m talking specifically about transformational travel then I can do it. The one experience in my life that was the most physically challenging and therefore the most rewarding was climbing the Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador at night. We went from 5,200 to 5,800m while walking on ice with crampons and ice picks, avoiding crevasses and fighting the cold, altitude, sleepiness, and hunger. I had to push my muscles and my resistance level to their limits while walking under the moonlight and witnessing the most spectacular sunrise I had ever seen. It was both painful and stunning. I could see the pink light reflect on the ice stalactites hanging from the surrounding rock formations. I was in awe.

About 30 metres to the summit, I felt my legs could not carry me anymore. My guide, (or shall I say my ‘coach’) commented on how close we were. I looked at the summit and although I felt as if my brain would happily take me there my legs were not on the same page, they couldn’t carry me anymore. After incredible physical and mental support from the guide, I eventually managed to crawl to the ridge of the crater. After a bit of rest, I managed to get up and take in the most rewarding view of the Cordillera de los Andes. Feeling like you are on the top of the world is otherworldly. I felt achievement coursing through my veins. I had made it.

This was my Everest. It serves as a constant reminder about the importance of pushing your limits to find unexpected resources and energy. One must exit their comfort zone in order to experience something truly extraordinary.

Travel Tips


  • Immerse yourself in your surroundings: Talk to the locals, engage, and don’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself
  • Stop your clock: The concept of time varies from country to country, just have a good book on hand and keep your sense of humour
  • Disconnect to better connect: Today’s digital world has created sharing addicts, focus on living and experiencing the moment instead of trying to capture it
  • Splurge on a Go Pro, it’s waterproof, doesn’t take up much space and will capture your most crazy and memorable travel highs

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