Giovanna Spica

Content Writer

(United States – New York)

About me:

Giovanna grew up in New York but spent many months out of the year living in the Dominican Republic. Her childhood was full of contradictions that she quickly grew to love and appreciate; both concrete and dirt felt familiar as did the sound of sirens and waves. It was this upbringing that caused her to fall in love with the world and its infinite number of facets.

Giovanna went on to study Advertising and Marketing Communications with a minor in English Literature from the Fashion Institute of Technology before moving full time to the Dominican Republic to write for various travel companies. She backpacked through Europe and decided she had to move there. She is currently living in Barcelona and working as Wildthentic’s content writer.

Memorable Experience:


I had never taken part in winter sports other than the occasional gathering with my friends to go sledding and or ice skating. I had also had experience with a shovel or two. It would snow in New York and I was accustomed to witnessing it from the ground level but never had I been on a ski lift or seen snow covered mountains from high altitudes. That is why my partner and I decided it was about time I go on a skiing trip. We got in the car and drove over to the tiny country of Andorra, which is tucked away into the Pyrenees mountains.

Slowly the mountains began getting closer and it wasn’t before long that smiling became unavoidable. I had never seen so much white in my entire life. The landscape was luminescent.

I remember taking the ski lift up to the top of the mountain and taking a deep breath before making my way down my first slope...words can’t express the emotions that came over me. I was flying down a mountain, surrounded by beautiful sights, feeling the wind against me, all while taking control of my limbs as they’re strapped onto foreign boards. I had become a snow dancer. The experience was thrilling, exciting, and quiet, all at the same time.

I will forever be grateful to Andorra for opening my eyes to the bright peace a snow-covered landscape can bring. 

Travel Tips


  • If you’re a newbie to photography than I suggest you invest in a point and shoot camera that fits in your pocket
  • Always buy travel insurance – You don’t want a medical emergency costing you an arm and a leg (seriously)
  • Always discuss public transportation prices before leaving your destination
  • Carry a mini pharmacy – Essentials should include; earplugs, aspirin, Benedryl, cold meds, Tums, bandages, gauze, Activated Charcoal pills, eye drops, Neosporin, etc

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