Margarita Kudelina

Tourism Consultant and Office Operations

About me:

Margarita’s life has always been linked to tourism. Her enjoyable life experiences along with unforgettable family trips, at an early age, taught her that tourism is a social, cultural and economic phenomenon. As Margarita became older she also became increasingly interested in the travel industry and thus decided to participate in the organization of multiple outdoor sporting events. Her 5-year experience in the sector is what catapulted Margarita into her current position. This Russian powerhouse now belongs to the Wildthentic family and serves as a consultant for our international development department that specializes in mountain tourism.

Whether it be for leisure and or business, Margarita prides herself on staying open to learning during her travels. She believes that all new places and people share the ability to teach her how to successfully contribute to the world of travel. She now lives 4,000 kilometers away from her country of origin yet still manages to feel at home. Margarita is without a doubt, one of us, part of the Wildthentic team made up of citizens of the world.

Memorable Experience:


I have visited true havens and known unforgettable places where I have discovered the true meaning of ‘memorable experience’. Always with good company, I highlight the experience of sailing on a sailing boat on the Costa Brava Catalana or eating its haute cuisine. Also, and always looking for the nature and essence of the place, I highlight cross country / alpine crossings through the snowy landscapes of …. Sea or mountain, these memorable experiences have in common an impeccable organization.

Travel Tips

  • Disconnect your phone and carry a good book with you
  • Document your gastronomical adventures
  • Stay with a local to better connect with the environment
  • Wear sunscreen and invest in a lightweight travel suitcase

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