Mariano Hervas


About me:

Mariano grew up in the coastal city of Valencia, Spain. Although the city is known for its Arts and Sciences it is also where Mariano got a taste for the outdoors. His love for adventure began growing once he got familiar with the travel industry and realized the infinite amount of experiences different places have to offer.

This inquisitive Spaniard quickly became a major player in the travel industry. With over 10 years of Business Consulting experience in major companies like Accenture, Deloitte, and THR, he has managed to gather a lifetime’s worth of skill in a relatively short amount of time. Mariano began his life’s work by developing destinations for Ministries of Tourism for over 15 different countries and has international work experience in over 30 countries. He even served as a strategy consultant for Relais & Châteaux!

This young travel advisor has learned to spread his wings and now works towards inspiring other to do the same. Mariano believes travel should be about learning and embracing happiness…we couldn’t agree more.

Memorable Experience:


I will never forget camel riding at sunset in the Wahiba Sands desert of the Sultanate of Oman. This vast area of clay coloured sand offers amazing views of spectacular 300m high dunes that change colour depending on the height of the sun. I remember being awestruck by the stunning relationship between the colours of the sand and those of the sunset. As I watched the sun tuck in for the night I felt an overwhelming sense of tranquillity. It was as if I had become the desert. For a good couple of hours I managed to understand the quiet beauty of the desert, and live like a Bedouin.  

Travel Tips


  • Travel light: Take the minimum number of items necessary with you
  • Switch off your mobile: Disconnect from your day-to-day
  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do: Immersed in the local culture
  • Research and plan what it is you’d like to see and do: Invest the time and energy because the memories formed on this trip are what you will take back with you

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