6 Things Adventure Travel and the World Cup have in Common

Both adventure travel and the World Cup connect the world through play by providing fun and inspiring international experiences. Read on to see how these two industries share common, GOALLLLLLLs!


Here we have 6 things related with adventure travel and the World Cup 


  1. Unifies people through enjoyment

The current social, economic, and political climate is increasingly volatile and concerning. The world has begun to feel the devastating effects of terrorism, economic crises, climate change, etc. These stressors affect humans on a micro level as well as macro. What events like the World Cup and travel experiences do is, provide a space where issues and stigmas are forgotten and people can join in the celebration of participation. For moments language and cultural differences are put aside and attention is only paid to what is occurring at the moment.

Everyone loves having a good time. Both travel and the World Cup manage to bring people together as they share moments of amusement and jubilation.



  1. Highlights cultural diversity

The World Cup, like adventure travel, brings people from all over the world together. This year we saw Argentinean fans alongside Peruvian fans watching Iceland play. This is both humbling and telling. During the World Cup fans will get to see different flags being represented, hear different languages being spoken as well as different national anthems being sung. Part of what makes this event so beautiful is that its viewers get to access culture from the comfort of their living room and or neighbourhood bar. The FIFA World Cup also allows us to witness the various ways different cultures celebrate, i.e Iceland’s ‘Viking Clap’.

This also forms an important part of travel. Travellers open their hearts, ears, and eyes to the wide and magnificent range of colours, cultures, languages, and traditions found throughout the world.

  1. Brings communities together for a common cause (pride)

This is a commonality that everyone can get behind. We’re going to get specific here because we cannot speak for other companies but at Wildthentic we always work with locals. This is very important to our company, we do our best to uplift local communities while ensuring that travellers get an authentic experience when they visit a particular country. We have witnessed our Argentinean guides beam with enthusiasm while discussing Perito Moreno’s beauty. We’ve also seen Bedouin’s smile with sweetness when talking about the strength of their people.

Bringing a principled adventure travel company into one’s country serves multiple beneficial purposes, one of which is reminding its people, as well as the world, about what makes the country great and worth visiting. Similarly, the World Cup also sparks patriotism and pride. World Cup players join the national team in hopes of helping lead their respective countries to glory.


  1. Educates about global issues

It’s no secret that countries who host the World Cup get to bask in the limelight for a while before, during, and even after the tournaments come to an end. Although an exciting opportunity, it might also be somewhat bittersweet considering all eyes are on the host country. Google searches increase and many journalists find themselves covering the social, political, and economic impact the competition has on a local and international level. Many examples of this can be seen during the 2014 coverage of the last World Cup. It highlighted both the good and the bad behind FIFA’s presence in Brazil.

Many articles discussing Brazil’s economic turmoil as well as its favelas became front page news. Many journalists did their part in educating the general public about the country’s position in the world. This can be seen today during this World Cup where the concerns and social unrest in Russia have been a major talking point leading up to the start of the World Cup.

Adventure travel companies, the good ones at least, focus on offering travellers incredible experiences while also educating them. Our experiences focus on the environment, wildlife, and ways to help nature thrive. It is not uncommon to see companies cover issues ranging from sustainable travel to facts about engendered wildlife. We ourselves have feature articles about global issues including climate change, ecotourism and wildlife conservation, and overtourism, among others.


  1. Encourages physical activity

Drinking beers while watching the World Cup is, in fact, a physical activity, but not the kind we’re talking about. This point refers to the spike in interest and soccer registrations that occur during a World Cup year. The WC competition highlights the players’ skills. As well as their out of this world physiques, and position them as modern-day superheroes. Therefore, it only makes sense that children look up to these athletes and try to mimic them, especially by taking up sports.

We, along with other adventure travel companies, also encourage physical activity, so much so that it is required. All Wildthentic experiences create a space for travellers to be active in nature, more specifically “[w]e create opportunities that allow you to move your body while moving through the wild.” You can read all about it in our About Us section.


  1. Highlights countries that are usually ‘overlooked’ and gives them a platform and or a place on the world stage

Adventure travel is all about getting to know corners of the world that offer unique experiences like shark cage diving in South Africa or trekking Peru’s stunning Rainbow Mountain. This sort of travel does a really good job at displaying a country’s beauty regardless of their lack of presence in the media. Luckily, the World Cup does something similar. The football competition is able to provide an arena for nations, regardless of their size and or popularity, to celebrate the unification of sport. Countries that fall into the backdrop get a chance to shine and be in the limelight thanks to the World Cup.

The world is complex, but it is also inspiring. Despite modern day issues, we as humans have managed to create incredible industries that add joy to the lives of millions of people. The World Cup, as well as adventure travel, are two of these industries. We hope you continue to search for common threads between everything life has to offer.

World cup and unity


We also hope you got a kick out of this week’s article. It has been our pleasure to write about such a timely topic. Now, get your face paint ready! Tune into the next World Cup game and make sure to plan your next travel adventure!