Gastronomy: The Best Foods to Try in Argentina

You’re looking to go on a culinary adventure, right? Well, here we have a list of the top 5 must-eats when traveling to one of the world’s food meccas, Argentina! We apologize in advance to any vegans reading this because only 2 out of our 6 foods are adequate for your consumption. As for any vegetarians reading this, don’t fret, 5 out of the 6 foods are perfect for you! And to all our other readers, continue on to find our list of the best foods to try in Argentina.

Top 6 best foods to try in Argentina:


asado argentino

Asado aka BBQ

First off, we understand that this recommendation might be a bit curious considering our post about how you can help combat climate change but, hear us out. We aren’t recommending you eat asado everyday just that you try it when you happen to be in one of the great beef countries in the world. It usually refers to beef but can also include pork, ribs, sausages and sweetbreads. Asado is cool in that is it both a verb and a noun. “Asasdo” translates to “grill over a fire”. It also means to hold an event in which people get together and enjoy the cooked meats.

Bonus plate: Also, look for Choripán. It’s typical Argentinean street food. Choripán consists of asado, with toppings in a bun.



Firstly we must thank the moors for bringing these delicious dough pockets to the Spanish who later brought them over to Argentina. These delicious treats can be fried or baked and serve as a meal or an on –the-go quick fix. Empanadas are both cheap and portable, how fun! They can also vary from savory to sweet depending on where you are in the country. The most common fillings include ham and cheese, chicken, sweet corn, or stewed meat. Empanadas are by far, one of the best foods to try in Argentina.


Chimichurri is to Argentina what ketchup is to the United States. This green garlicky sauce is most definitely the country’s go-to condiment. Make way for some chimichurri because here come the herbs. The salsa consists of parsley, maybe some oregano, garlic, chili pepper flakes, olive oil and some acid (which could be either lemon or vinegar). It serves as a marinade, sauce, or a blanket for an asado!

Anything with dulce de leche

You’re probably aware of Argentina’s crazy beautiful grasslands, right? Well what makes those grasslands extra special is that they give cows a bunch of space to roam and graze. This not only ensures fantastic beef but fantastic milk as well! Dulce de leche, which translates to ‘sweet or candy of milk’, is one of Argentina’s dessert treasures. It’s thick, rich, sweet, and taste caramel-y. Keep an eye out for one of our favorites, dulce de leche over ice cream is hands-down one of the best foods to try in Argentina.


plato de humitas argentina

Yerba mate

This indigenous drink is made from steeping dried-out yerba mate leaves in hot water and drinking it out of a gourd with a metal straw. What makes this drink fascinating apart from the health benefits is its social aspect. Yerba mate is meant to be shared and enjoyed among friends. It is a highly regarded social practice, so much so that more Argentineans consume yerba mate than they do coffee.


This delicious corn food serves as a savory snack or a main course. Humita consists of fresh corn and milk, onion, spices. This treat is wrapped in a corn leaf and is either steamed or boiled.


That concludes our short list of must-trys. Of course, we know that there is an endless array of foods and flavors to look for while traveling which is why we recommend you eat as much as you can! Try everything from Argentinean street food to high-end Michelin star restaurants. Eat, drink and enjoy the country’s glorious cuisine. If you’re looking for a farm to table delicious food adventure we recommend checking out Estancia Cristina which is known for it’s breathtaking views and overall disconnection from ‘reality’.

We hope to hear about your Argentinean travels. Please let us know what you consider to be the best foods to try in Argentina. Adios and until next time!