Andorra. The pyrenean country


Andorra: A wonderfully quaint country

Many do not know that Andorra is in fact a country. This small country of less than 90,000 people is sandwiched between France and Spain. Located in the Pyrenees Mountains this microstate is known for its skiing, beauty, food, thermal waters, and cheap shopping.

Andorra’s thermal baths or ‘balnearios’ are perfect for those visiting in the winter and looking to relax and unwind. Andorra’s spas are the perfect place to counteract the winter cold, not to mention they’re beautiful and relatively inexpensive (compared to other spas). Andorra also has natural hot springs that aren’t found within spas. Some hot springs are known for their high nitrogen and sulfur content. Their waters range from 22°C (72°F) to 66°C (151°F) which made them wildly popular among people as far back as Roman times for their perceived medicinal qualities.

Andorra is the perfect place to connect with Nature

Did you know that Andorra is 90% green land? This means that there is more land than there are buildings! Get around the valleys, mountains, trails, rivers, lakes, and meadows of Andorra by biking (in the summer), hiking, climbing, rowing, swimming, and trekking. 

Visit in the winter and you’ll see what skiing is all about. If you’re not into that you can visit in the summer and get to discover picture postcard landscapes. Although this country is special in its vast variety of outdoor activities it also has things to do in case you’re looking for some down time. As we mentioned before, spas are popular in Andorra but so are restaurants! Andorran aka Catalan cuisine is known for its pork-based dishes, sausages, cold cuts and cheeses.

You also have the option of learning about Roman and Religious art while on cultural tours and or while visiting museums. Here you will be able to visit 11th century Romanesque chapels. Stare in awe at the outer details found within Andorra’s whimsical villages. Or gawk at incredible interiors decorated with magnificent frescoes that date back hundreds of years.

You can also go shopping in the country’s capital city, Andorra la Vella, which also happens to be its commercial center. Although this small country uses the euro it is not part of the EU. This allows for it to be a tax haven. The entire country is duty free! This is why we suggest you get your Nature fix in the morning so you can wine and dine in the afternoon and go shopping later in the evening! Sounds like a great plan, no?

Do not measure Andorra by its size rather measure it by the variety of fun it has to offer

This country offers everything from world-class skiing to an Igloo Hotel to tax free shopping. Discover this privileged enclave in the Pyrenees, and let yourself get carried away. Whether you’re looking for high-intensity outdoor sports, great shopping, interesting food options, or leisurely ‘you time’, Andorra delivers. The beauties to discover and activities to do in Andorra are never-ending. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!


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