Argentina. Beats at your rythm


Imagine a country where you can navigate between ice floes, cross mountains, immerse yourself in the jungle, bathe in incredible beaches, and even see volcanoes. Add to this a vibrant, cosmopolitan capital city, with an amazing atmosphere and incalculable cultural variety to offer. Mix it all up to the rhythm of tango and you undoubtedly have…Argentina. Now, let’s talk about Argentina travel!

Argentina is a magnificent country full of treasures.

Known for it’s beautiful and diverse landscapes as well as delicious food, Argentina definitely has enjoyment for people of all ages.This is a country that is home to lush green tropical zones and rainforest, the highest mountain in South America, ranches, mineral mines, glaciers, and deserts! Argentina is a place where you can go on one of the world’s best drives. Imagine being on a route that has transported people from the Andes to the plains for over 10,000 years! Argentina is full of  music, excitement, and wine! Drink world-renowned Malbec, from the fifth largest wine producing country in the world, while sitting back in a chair and taking in the the magnificent surroundings.

Argentina travel is magnificent. Not only is Argentina’s land special, the people are as well. There is an Argentine saying that goes “los argentinos descienden de los barcos” which translates to “the Argentines descend from boats”. This 6-word phrase refers to Argentina’s immense immigrant culture. Although Argentina has deep South American roots it also has a major European culture. So much so, that it even has a Welsh settlement on Patagonia’s coast!

Get to know tradition and culture through Argentina travel.

Just take a visit to the Estancia Cristina region to see. Here you will find wildflowers, icebergs, and come face-to-face with Gaucho culture. Gauchos have a rich history in Argentina and because of that their meaning has morphed throughout the years. Today, Gauchos have a different definition than they did 100 years ago. Today, a Gaucho is a person from the country who is adept in traditional livestock farming and are considered to be Argentina’s national symbol.

Obviously there is a lot to see. We suggest adventuring through the capital city while you dance and eat your way down South. The city of Buenos Aires is full of life and excitement. There you can visit shops, bars, and theaters. Chat with locals and learn the tango! On your way South to the Patagonia region we recommend visiting El Calafate as well as El Chaltén. These regions offer nothing but beauty and nature. Where else will you be able to stop at mineral mines before visiting petrified wood forests?

El Calafate is known for its amazing glaciers and outdoor activities. This popular town is home to some of the most remarkable kayaking and rafting. El Chaltén, which isn’t too far from Calafate, is known for it’s colorful village, amazing views, and bohemian vibe. Chaltén is one of the best cities in the World to know according to Lonely Planet. Not only that but it is also Argentina’s trekking capitol.

So, what are you waiting for? This incredible country is waiting for you to discover its marvelous land and culture!