El Chalten. Not only the trekking capitol

El Chaltén

El Chaltén is a small mountain village in Argentina’s Patagonia. This lovely place ranked second in “Best cities in the world to know” by world-renowned Lonely Planet’s 2014 publication. What makes this colorful village most impressive are its views and unique vibe. El Chaltén was founded in 1985, in order to beat Chile to land claim. To this day, it is still a frontier town with many quirks ranging from its mind-blowing trails, bohemian values, and its connection to the packs of wild dogs that roam the streets.

“Chaltén” is tehuelche, native language, word that means “smoking mountain”. The town received this name because of its mountain’s high altitude. The altitude caused many to believe the mountain was in fact a volcano since it appeared to always be covered by clouds, or in other words ‘smoke’.

Specifically, El Chaltén is located on the riverside of Rio de las Vueltas. The name translates to “river of turns” which lays within Los Glaciares National Park. The National Park, declared a World Heritage Cite by UNESCO in 1981, contains a subpolar forest with an incredible array of biodiversity. The park also offers magnificent windy trails suitable for trekkers of every level. El Chaltén is Argentina’s Trekking Capital. Apart from its many fantastic land expeditions, Chaltén also offers an array of water activities as well. Bathe in basins, lakes, ponds or raft down fast-paced rivers. Navigate between slopes then later unwind by enjoying the tranquility around. Whether your interests include photography by a river or a high adrenaline adventures across an Icecap, this unique village has it all.

We would like you to disconnect with the monotony of everyday life and reconnect with nature.

Do away with the commotion and distractions of modern day life. Spend a week getting to know each and every corner of Patagonia along with its mystical seduction. We want you to challenge yourself and go out in search of new emotions and sensations. Chaltén will offer you more than you imagine. Bask in the vastness of the Patagonia. Admire forest. Climb to the tops of granite needles and stare in awe, as you take in some of the most spectacular scenery Souther American and the World have to offer. We invite you to discover one of the most authentic enclaves of Patagonia from the north end of the imposing Los Glaciares Natural Park to the foot of the mountains of the Cerro Chaltén, surrounded by the Whitewater Rivers of Las Vueltas and Fitz Roy.

The travel season runs from December to March. We recommend pre-booking for guaranteed service. Thousands of enthusiastic tourists flood the area and as you probably imaged the village’s capacity is limited. El Chaltén has developed an incredible tourist following. Most importantly, address questions and reservations in advance. This way we can ensure the proper services are provided. It is our job to give you the best experience possible. Join us in adventure and we promise your experience will be unique and completely unforgettable. What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits!

El Chaltén

El Chaltén , Argentina

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