Travel to Jordan


Jordan is a sovereign Arabic state in western Asia, located on the East Bank of the Jordan River. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Israel, and Palestine all border this magnificent country. Visit Jordan and witness the magic of this country, which is landlocked (for the most part), with the exception of the Dead Sea. Jordan’s  western borders touch both the Dead Sea as well as a small section of the Red Sea on its most southwestern coast.

Nature reserves, as well as ancient and iconic monuments reign supreme in this country. Jordan is also home to the incredible and quite famous archaeological site of Petra, which is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World!

There are many reasons to love and visit Jordan. Firstly, it is a country full of welcoming people with a rich culture and fascinating traditions. Secondly, the colors found within Jordan’s earth and megalithic monuments are exotic and mesmerizing. The sounds of the city, the brightness of the stars, the smells of the kitchen are all factors that excite and entice our senses. Jordan brims with history and allure.

Jordan offers surreal experiences at every turn

Everything from Jordanian hospitality to the accessibility to ancient archeological sites is what makes this country standout from the rest. One mustn’t step out into the middle of nowhere in order to see ancient locations; in fact, age-old archaeological sites can be seen in the middle of the country’s capital, Amman.

It is also impossible to avoid bringing up Petra when discussing Jordan. Also known as “The Rose City”, Petra is home to such landmarks as the aforementioned Al-Khazneh and Ed-Deir monuments. These iconic structures are the same ones you’ve probably seen time and time again plastered over Jordan’s tourism posters and postcards. It is easy to find ancient ruins everywhere you go, Jordan is where the old finds its place among the new. Modern times mix with millennia-old traditions and locations.

Jordan’s inspiring combinations of food and culture should be admired. This country has had an impressive history. A number of ancient cultures have left their imprints all over the Jordanian landscape. The country has experienced Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Arab influences over thousands of years. Are you ready to visit Jordan yet?


Dana Reserve to Feynan Ecolodge – 3 days

Exploring the incredible Dana Biosphere Reserve allows you to discover stunning scenery as well as a sheer variety of new and exotic species of plant and animal life while connecting with the local Bedouin culture.
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Desert Glamping, Star Gazing & Camel Riding – 2 days

This experience is totally dedicated to the desert. Bask in the complexity of Wadi Rum’s arid land while walking among the same paths the famous T.E Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia, once did. Feel as if you are on another planet as you wander around the red sand floors of The Valley
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Trekking to Petra in Nabatean Style – 2 days

Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Petra is known for its ancient ruins, surreal colour, and spectacular culture. See Petra at night as well as by day.
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