Northwest Iceland

Northwest Iceland

Northwest Iceland offers mild winter temperatures. During this season you will witness awe-inspiring light due to the magical illumination of the snow, moon, and the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). May to August is mostly mild and often sunny. These days offer bright summer nights while the sun never sets!

Weather conditions vary and can change quickly during the day, so make sure you are well-equipped and able to adapt. Temperatures during the summer can range from 5-25°C and anywhere from -15 to 10°C in the winter.

North Iceland provides the perfect overview for everything the Land of Ice and Fire has to offer. This region summarizes Iceland’s fantastical array of diversity and extremes. From the lush farmland of Skagafjörður and Eyjafjörður, to the glacier-capped slopes of Tröllaskagi, the elegant black cliffs of the western coast, and the exhilarating rapids of the East Glacial River, there is no way one can doubt North Iceland’s magnificence.

The north-western region is characterised by wide bays and fjords. It is an area known to have mountains, great slopes, and stunning river-shaped valleys. We dare say the North is probably the section best suited for outdoor activities. The wide range of outdoor attractions in this area make it perfect for seal watching, Northern Lights gazing, hiking, mountaineering, rock viewing, photographing, and river rafting! But, not only that, the North is also known for its fascinating cultural heritage. As Iceland’s second largest urban area, Akureyri, for example, is an important centre for art and commerce. And if you are not interested in city life and want something a bit more rural, do not fret because this area has that as well! There are many smaller villages in the North that offer an experience that is rustic, authentic, and maintains its deep traditions in farming and fishing.

There’s just something mystical about Northwest Iceland, something that grabs a hold of many travel souls and continuously pulls at their heart strings. The allure of this less touristic, original Elfan homeland, region is just too strong.

Northwest Iceland

Northwest Iceland , Iceland

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