South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is a stunning country. It is where can you find the largest game life reserve in the world as well as powdery beaches surrounded by two oceans. Due to its jaw dropping landscapes, stunning star-studded desert skies, and magnificent diversity, South Africa is revered as one of the worlds most prized countries. There are many reasons to visit South Africa; a few of them include jungles, elephants, safaris, deserts, and most of all adventure!

South Africa is a country that has access to both modern cosmopolitan culture as well as the rugged and lush character of the Earth’s geography. From rhinos to zebras, it is brimming with wildlife. The South African grasslands have a greater biodiversity than the rainforests with about 30 species per square kilometer. Amazing right? According to National Geographic “The country takes up only about one percent of Earth’s land surface, but is home to almost ten percent of the world’s known bird, fish, and plant species and about six percent of its mammal and reptile species.” This alone is enough to inspire you to visit South Africa.

It is no secret that Africa, as a whole, is a continent with a vast array of natural elements and activities to partake in. This country offers everything from land and water sports, to amazing food and wine, and even spiritual experiences. But, what makes South Africa extra special for many Westerners is that, they speak the same language, English!

You can also visit South Africa and set your sights on one of the oldest mountains in the world!

This stunning country allows you to not only gaze Table Mountain in Cape Town but also witness dolphins playing, penguins walking, whales breaching, and sharks lurking. Due to South Africa’s intense connection to nature and all animals it is no surprise that it was the first country in the world to protect the Great White Shark. It did this back in 1991. South Africa is heaven to both people and animals alike. It is one of the few places in the world where it is possible to watch whales from most places along the coastal walkway and surrounding areas.

This country is known for it’s wildlife. Now, don’t get us wrong, wildlife is a major part of South African appeal but it is definitely not all of it. South Africa has a bustling city life filled with the vibrant energy of today’s youth as well as a deep-rooted culture. South Africa’s beauty is unique in that although it’s history traces back to the beginning of humanity, it manages to remain relevant and thriving. The combination of old and new, traditional and novel is uniquely satisfying. Not to mention, South Africa is home to eight World Heritage Sites!

We urge you not to take our word for it. Discover magnificent treasures on your own. Join us, let’s visit South Africa together…the Wildthentic way. We promise to always keep the adventures wild, authentic, and life changing. What are you waiting for?

South Africa

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