Travel and Self-Discovery: Get to Know Yourself Through Travel + Quiz

Every trip is a spiritual experience for those who live to travel. Travelling can be used as a form of self discovery by getting to know different areas of the world as well as yourself. We wake up, go to work, try to shove some food into our faces, complete assignments, get back home, and try to salvage whatever personal projects we have found the time to begin. We do all of this while trying to maintain healthy relationships. Although, these are beautiful issues, they are the ones that shine a light on modern day privilege. While we must also understand that life sometimes lacks lustre. It is our job to keep it shiny. If we are constantly changing along with the times, or vice versa, and if losing ourselves is somewhat inevitable, using travel and self-discovery could be the answer.

This article argues that travel and self-discovery go hand in hand.

Yes, travel can be used to escape the trials and tribulations of everyday life, but here at Wildthentic we do not offer vacation travel, we offer transformative travel. The difference lies in that travelling then ceases to be escapism and becomes life education. Learning through travel enables one to appreciate life that much more. Seeing and coming into contact with Nature’s infinite amount of textures, flavours, sounds, and colours is enough to humble someone for lifetime. Add to this, the fascinating cultures from around the world and you have a recipe for beauty. Travel and self-discovery go hand in hand.

We, as humans, tend to compare. We compare looks, jobs, relationships, and money. Although, comparing oneself usually leads to unnecessary frustration and toxicity, comparison can also serve a positive purpose. Comparing one’s life to that of others can put our own lives into perspective. Now, we’re not talking about silly, mundane comparisons such as “he has a better job than me”. We’re talking about the types of comparisons that lead to gratitude. Travelling to remote areas can remind us that nature is what keeps us alive. Realizing simple truths like, the Amazon is the Earth’s lungs, or most of the world lives in poverty and doesn’t have access to clean running water. The experiences we take away from our travels enrich our lives, because travel and self-discovery work in harmony.



Travelling also teaches us about our likes and dislikes.

Our egos are put to the test and so are our bodies. By climbing mountains, taking on rapids, or jumping of tall cliffs we test the boundaries of our comfort zones. Travellers have the wonderful opportunity to learn about how they fit into their natural environment, while also testing their limits. Learning ones physical and mental limitations is also imperative to self-discovery. The earth is a massive playground full of; cliffs, mountains, rivers, seas, deserts, trees, and any other natural forms you can think of. By facing and conquering these spectacular masses we are able to immerse ourselves in Mother Nature’s greatness. By accepting her challenges we are then able to reflect on our triumphs.  We are then also able to set future goals and create plans on how to achieve set aim. Travel and self-discovery go hand in hand.


Sleeping in foreign countries opens our eyes to the value in differences but also teaches us that we are also not as different as we think. Look close enough and you’ll discover that diversity transcends into similarities. In our core, we all want to live a fulfilling life. With that being said, we decided to create a personality quiz: “Which Travel Experience Best Suits You?”. This short quiz will inspire your next trip…hopefully it’s with Wildthentic. The questions are light-hearted and will hopefully lead to a fantastic travel experience. Take the quiz here and please let us know what you think, feedback is always welcome. Feel free to leave a comment below to tell us about how you got to know yourself through travel.

Have a beautiful day and remember, travel and self-discovery go hand in hand!