How to have the Travel Experience of a Lifetime

What makes something WOW worthy? What makes something life changing? These are questions that most travel junkies have asked themselves. We all wonder what makes something great and what distinguishes the good from the FANTASTIC. The truth is, not only are these questions somewhat difficult to measure they are also subjective. With that being said, we think we have the answer. We as Wildthentic believe to have unlocked the WOW code and figured out how to guarantee the travel experience of a lifetime. We created an in-depth checklist which all of our Wildthentic experiences must fulfill in order to meet our requirements. Below are our core values, to preselect the said experience.

Adventure in Nature

Let’s not kid ourselves; Wildthentic caters to those with an adventurous spirit. After all, the word “Wild” is in our name! Adventure is one of the factors that separate our experiences from the rest. We make sure that our travellers actively participate, pioneer, and experiment. Doing something new and out of the ordinary while connecting to nature is key in creating the travel experience of a lifetime. We pride ourselves on picking the best locations. Most of our activities are done outdoors in the wilderness. Our goal is to connect you with Nature and yourself as well as show you that your potential is limitless. No frills. No fuss. Just thrills.

Transformational and Safe

So inspiring that it transforms you and being safe are imperative. Not only must a trip be adventurous and outdoorsy it must also stick with you for life. What you take away from an event guarantees an everlasting impression. Getting an adrenaline rush is fun but in order for something to be the travel experience of a lifetime it must also teach you something! We ensure a deep connection by providing a safe space that allows travellers to trust us enough to let their guard down and fully embrace the moment. As Wildthentic, we have very high health and safety requirements. We also make sure to immerse our travellers into an authentic environment and encourage them to reflect on the journey and grow. This is where the role of the guide is most important. Our guides are mostly local, up to speed on cultural norms, traditions, and environmental occurrences. Our guides are genuine humans with an interest in sharing local culture with those willing to walk off the beaten path, adapt to a different lifestyle and feel inspired to change.

Ethical and Intimate

At Wildthentic ethics are taken very seriously. Our love and respect for Mother Nature and its inhabitants is displayed through previous articles as well as through our policies. Before accepting new experiences into our travel collection, they must first adhere to our responsible travel and animal welfare policy and involve the local community while providing best practices for the environment. We also keep our tours intimate. Those of you who are well travelled already know that most companies try to get as much “bang for their buck” as possible. We do not fit this stereotype and do not believe in subjecting people to large groups. Quite the contrary, intimacy is one of our key characteristics in ensuring the travel experience of a lifetime, bonding with like-minded fellow travellers. We keep it small and personal. This allows for a better interaction and a deeper connection.

What we look for are experiences with an extra twist.

We provide something that not only has an effect on your body but on your spirit as well. Wildthentic activities touch you at your core. We want you finishing an activity as a changed person, with a new and brighter perspective. You should not be the same coming out of a Wildthentic experience as you were before going in, as your emotions kicked in.

Examples of this philosophy in practice can be found within any of our tours. But, let’s begin with one in particular like our Igloo hotel night stay. At Wildthentic we don’t just offer you an average night stay at any old hotel. What we offer is the chance to live out your ‘eskimo’ dreams in Andorra. Live in a fantasy world and escape reality. Come stay with us up in the mountains, in an igloo. Arrive there by snow truck and dine on frozen tables. Relax in an ice Jacuzzi under the stars. Leave the igloo on snowshoes and return on skis. Or better yet, forget about ‘normal’ sea-kayaking. Join us on a remote island in the arctic. Kayak in frozen waters surrounded by giant icebergs, during midnight sun, while waiting for whales to jump up and say “hello”. These are the types of moments you’ll never forget. These are the travel experiences of a lifetime. Feeling inspired yet?